Welcome to @LibbyRoseWellbeing

Welcome to my journey into wellbeing, I would love for you to join me as we recognise, 

accept and celebrate the changes in life that we discover as women over 40. 

The blogs, videos and products that follow are tracing my own lifestyle changes at this feminine transformation stage,

so as to inspire others as I bring Yoga, Meditation, Healthy eating and Healthy Living to the forefront at a kind and steady pace.

As my study and expertise grows in all of the above subjects, I want to share with you what makes us women feel and indeed look better as we grow and glow through these massive transformational shifts.   

I’ll also be getting down to the nitty gritty so as to unearth some handy Lifestyle Skills & ‘hacks’ which will also incorporate my own expertise in sewing to create DIY craft products to complement this change of pace too!

‘We transform the world by transforming ourselves’ DavidJi

First up.. Let’s Meditate!

Have you ever wanted to meditate but not really known where to start?

Or maybe you’ve looked into it, and don’t feel that it’s right for you (maybe you haven’t clicked with a form of meditation yet?)

Well, I have put  together a ‘down to earth’ little course for those wanting to discover meditation, this a beginners guide to get you going! I’ll show you all my hints and tips that have got me this far, check out this video to hear more….

So, what do you think? 

Are you with me on this journey?

Aside from tranquility and all the wonderful benefits you will get from my hints and tips on meditating with me for 5 days, I will also send you a soothing 3rd eye meditation pillow in the post!

I will talk you through how to create your very own meditation cushion that will soother your tired eyes and wash away the stresses of the day, or create tranquility at the start of a busy day…. ( you will need to fill it with rice and do a few stitches on the end to close it up – but i will show you how.) 

Once you sign up (and I hope you do) you will get a 5 day course delivered straight to your inbox daily at 7am.

As you are reading this, I am just gaining the momentum to  launch day on Monday the 12th August.  I will be joining you online each day with facebook updates and little ‘lives’ for the whole 5 days so if you have any queries or comments I will be on hand to hear and help!
Each day has a different theme as i demystify any apprehension you may have towards creating your own meditation practice. 

You will get a video from me plus written literature and signposting to go with the video. We focus on a different theme from my learnings on meditation.
As part of the course, you will receive a parcel in the post to make a DIY Meditation eye pillow with a lavender herbal infusion. This is sent out on day one, once you have signed up, you will get an instructional email on how to do this and I go through how to create and use the pillow on day 4.
So, what are you waiting for? Lets meditate together today (click add to cart below and you will sign up to the daily emails) First one starts August 12! 

I look forward to seeing you over there!    LRW xx

Lets Meditate! 5 day meditation course