Learn to design, measure up, create or use a pattern to create your very own masterpiece! We learn to sew on the machine and by hand, we search out what can be reused and reworked.


With 'hand and mind working in harmony' we come to our sewing table together. There are many well proven studies to show that Sewing and craft aids with creating a peaceful state, lessening depression, calming the mind and reducing stress. .


Recycling is the key to these classes! Let's re-use what we have. Have a look around you and see what could be reused or re-made into something else! Nothing new to see here! Plus the sheer delight of adding freshness to that which could have gone to landfill.


As the world evolves, we look for more ways to alleviate the strain of being physically distanced from each other. Sewing and recycling skills are 'a safeguard to isolation,' a way to connect with each other and ourselves, it sustains not just a sense of self but of belonging. We can share with ease together or online.