Sewing club for kids April - May 2018

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A 4-week after School Sewing Club for kids Age: 7 -11 or 11-14 years I would love to welcome…

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A 4-week after School Sewing Club for kids Age: 7 -11 or 11-14 years

I would love to welcome you on board this 4 week kids sewing course where we meet live once a week on Wednesdays via the online portal zoom, plus there is a secret Facebook group for questions, achievements and extra content from me throughout the course. This kids sewing course is open to all abilities from those just starting out to the more distinguished sewer.

All work is sent out in advance by email (some bits will need to arrive by post) and we meet once a week LIVE on a Wednesday for half an hour (to an hour if necessary) filled with questions, chat, sewing and discussions of the work.

This course starts on April 18th, 2018 and runs every wednesday for 4 weeks. (April 18, 25, May 2, 9) You do not need to have completed round 1 (the march course) to be on this one, and if you are returning the content will be different and running to the same levels.  4-5pm for beginners (usually 7-11 years) and 5-6pm for intermediate (usually 11-14 years)

How does it work?

Step 1) Choose the course that’s best by checking the age and the time that suits. If the timing for the live Q&A session doesn’t suit you every week for the duration of the course, there will be a recording of each of these that will be shared (within the private group only) so you can easily catch up on anything that has come up in the Q&A.  You can also post your questions in advance in the facebook group (this is a secret group only for the kids & parents on these courses) Ability is more important than age, so if you think your child should be in a different age group because of the ability then let’s chat or, or do book on to the stage you deem appropriate (all the details are below)

Step 2) Arrange a space that you can use on Wednesday afternoons for the duration of the course, some children might like to work in groups. Children in the younger groups should have an adult nearby in case technical support is required (no particular sewing experience necessary)

Step 3) You will need to keep an eye out for emails that are mailed out on the Friday before the Wednesday for your pack including patterns & instructions for the course, this is all explained in the welcome email after booking on, you will need to print out some bits (like easy to print patterns) anything difficult will be sent by post.

Step 4) Sign up to ZOOM the FREE online portal:  ZOOM!

Step 5) Be prepared with your questions, have your work to hand and do login a few minutes before your set time!

Videos and handouts are sent on the Thursday before each session so participants have the good time to complete the parts of the syllabus & contemplate any questions or bits they were stuck on… The two courses are differing in nature and style, course 1: Beginners is for those find their feet with the machine and making. Participants in course 1 need to have had some practice time on the machine and be using a machine that they are familiar with.  Participants in course 2 are more apt with the machine and should have been sewing by themselves for at least a year (or to a good level and understanding)

GROUP 1: Semi beginners 7-10 years. For this session, participants must have used a machine before and be ok with general sewing. In these sessions we go through any technical details like threads, needles, bobbins, feet and general machine maintenance. We also tackle projects that include, button & buttonholes, velcro, zips and lining.

GROUP 2:  Intermediates 11-14 years.  As this is an intermediates session, participants must have been sewing and making for at least a year or equivalent. We tackle 2 x projects 1 x jersey fabrics (top or leggings / yoga pants) and 1 x accessory in cotton / poly cotton fabrics that includes zips and or button and buttonholes closures. We also have discussions on feet, needles, and alternative closures.