sewing for beginners

Sewing for Beginners

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Absolute Beginners Sewing Class. We will go through all the basics that you will need to learn in…

Absolute Beginners Sewing Class.

We will go through all the basics that you will need to learn in ‘sewing for beginners’ including all the basics of the sewing machine. With handouts provided so you can carry on at home,  we will also make a cushion cover with appliqué or a reversible bag using fabrics of your choice! The ‘Sewing for Beginners Class’ are always kept small in size (so we can get the most out of the session)

Miss Libby Rose will guide you through the following in this beginners sewing class:-

Technical support: Threading up the machine, tension, bobbins, needles and feet. All that you will need to get sewing.  This will show you all the ins and outs of the sewing machine, there are 5 machines to choose from so you can use a machine best suited to you and your capability… Most of all in these classes – have fun and make  something fabulous!

Sewing Techniques :- Handy techniques to use while sewing and manipulating the fabric in the machine. We will also look at easy ways to sew straight and keep to your guide!

Fabrics:  Different types of fabrics useful for simple craft projects

Pattern Layout: You will learn how to lay a pattern economically onto fabric, patterns on the fabric to face the desired way!

Cutting and Preparing: You will learn how to properly cut around the patterns so it doesn’t slip and pin and prepare your craft project so they can be sewn up quickly and correctly.

Sewing and Finishing: You will sew up your project, press and finish off neatly for a professional look..

All materials will be provided including fabrics, patterns and handouts for you to carry on at home plus any tips and hints..

What some of our ‘Sewing for Beginners’ participants have to say: –


“Did you enjoy the class? Yes, it was great. There was a really relaxed atmosphere and there was no pressure for someone who had very basic sewing skills.   Were the surroundings inspirational?  They were really cool. It was nice to have all the different fabrics and trinkets out on display as it did make you want to start creating your own stuff.   Did the project help to motivate you to get you sewing again?  Yes, now I feel I understand how to use my sewing machine and I’ve started a few projects since :)   How could we improve the service we offer?  I don’t think anything needed improving, I had loads of fun. I would probably say 5 or 6 people (like we had) would be maximum for the beginners class to make sure everyone gets support.   Thanks for a fun class :) I’m really hoping to come along to one of the skirt classes when I’ve done a few bits myself!”  Suzy Hill 

Hi Libby,  I just wanted to say thanks for the great class last night! I am so pleased that I was able to walk in without any confidence in using a sewing machine, and walked out with a great bag! I’m amazed really!  I really enjoyed the class, and just wanted to say thanks – just a little bit of knowledge goes a long way! You really have helped give me confidence to start sewing!  Have a great day! Kind regards Sarah J “ Sarah Warrington

” Hi Libby – quick note to say how much I enjoyed the class last night – my husband thought I was joking when I showed him the bag I made! He was very impressed – as was I!  Keep me posted about the Saturday sewing circle – I’d like to come in a few weeks if possible. Thanks, Sarah” Sarah Falkiner

“Hello Libby – Thank you so much for such a great class on Tuesday.  My sewing machine has sat in my spare room for ages collecting dust! I came away from your class with the confidence to use it and I have already made a few things this week.  I cant wait to do the next one.   Best Wishes,  Natasha x”

“Hi Libby,   thanks very much for last night.  I think it was a very good and productive class for an absolute beginner,  Thanks, Nafiisah”
“Hi Libby,  Thanks again for the class last night, I really enjoyed myself.  I’m looking forward to giving my baby nephew his new handmade cushion!  It was essential for me to start right at the beginning so that part of the class was a relief.  And it was good to have a small class of four where we felt free to ask any question, no matter how silly it might sound.  I don’t actually think there are any parts of the class that need improving, you made us all feel very welcome and comfortable, and you’ve inspired me to start getting creative!  All I need now is a sewing machine…  Thanks again, Laura ”  Laura Pavey
“ Thank you so much for this amazing course.  I have had my sewing machine sitting in the flat, unused for nearly a year and have been wanting to do a course where I can learn the basics for a while. To get a real handle of how to use the sewing machine and then the bonus of coming away with an amazing homemade bag was fantastic!  Libby was so welcoming and helpful and I look forward to making bags for everyone’s future birthdays…!”  Madeline