Kids Sewing Parties on the Pink Bus

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The Pink Bus is a wonderful quirky addition to any Childrens Party or event. I can fit 8 participants on the pink bus at any one time (6 only at a time if using sewing machines) so it will be in sessions of 8 at a time.  There is a pink Marquee to go with the bus so I can offer bigger groups by request.

Most of the activities below can be adapted to use sewing machines for older participants, all these are all based on using hand sewing & embroidery techniques

Events at kids parties are based on a 1hr session, all materials are included so I just need a space to pull up and let’s get making!

Some ideas for a fabulous Childrens’ Sewing Birthday Party are below with prices.

– Make a sparkle tutu Sparkles and bright coloured stripes of fabulous nets! Each child can chose from an array of colours to attach to a waistband that create an amazing full sparkly tutu! £15 per child

– Embroidery We will go through all the stitches involved in getting a super cool embroidery piece made. Each participant will get a Miss Libby Rose Embroidery kit that includes a hoop, a choice of an array of pre-designed fabric pictures, needles, Embroidery thread and lots of sequins and extras to make this a super cool embroidery piece. The child can keep the hoop to take home: £17 per head
Or I can also offer this with a box frame included so each child gets a framed embroidered picture: £22 per head

– Creature Making In this creature making workshop we will do some simple sewing techniques.. Designing how the creature will look and accessorising different parts – does it need a tail? Maybe some extra ears added on? Buttons for eyes? an outfit perhaps? We discuss and design these parts and then I show the participants how to achieve this by snipping, sewing, stitching and sticking.. Stuffing the toy using our ‘little at a time technique’ …. and then we sew up the hole.. The basic outline of characters and part sewing is done in advance of the workshop by yours truly, but
the main designing and end result is achieved by our mini designer participants.. £22 per head

– Make an Outfit for your Teddy In this sewing workshop, Kids can design, create and make an outfit for a special friend. We will end with outfits that have been made and designed by kids using sewing techniques and design ideas to make kids sewing fun…. I have patterns ready to be sized up to the shape of the friend chosen and we get kids sewing, making outfits, adding sequins, bows, buttons, and whatever else the imagination predicts – the choice is endless… £18.00 per head

– Funky Bags & Purses – Choose from an array of funky fabrics to make a super cool bag or purse (fully lined) each! This workshop is for participants aged 8 years + and each participant will also take away the pattern and instructions to carry on making at home!
These can be adapted to be a bag / purse / make-up bag or pencil case
Priced at: £22 per head


Plus I can email you a jpeg of party invites!