Pink Sewing Bus


If you’d like to come along and sew with me on the  FABULOUS Pink Sewing Bus.. Here’s how…

The Pink Sewing Bus story

The idea of the PInk Sewing bus was created out of a love of travelling and wanting to meet new people far and wide that are excited about sewing and making as I am! I wanted to bring the vibe of my shops and studios to the country (and hopefully one day the world) on wheels! A space where people can come on board, relax and be inspired by music of a bygone era with a chilled and fun vibe.  

The Pink sewing bus was launched in May 2016 at Mycenae House, Blackheath and Hobbycraft Reading Store which followed with a magical whirlwind tour some with and some without the Pink Sewing Bus (due to the distance) but it was  wonderful to be welcomed by so many stores and I thoroughly enjoyed the store visits!

I absolutely love using Fat Quarters, I am from a fashion background so I haven’t really used them before working with Hobbycraft and now I have discovered this wonderful world of fat quarters and have designed so many creative projects to use in the workshops and even more than that I have loved seeing the participants in the workshops get even more creative with them and take the patterns and ideas to the next level.
– Children from the morning sessions have gone on to set up charity stalls selling bags made from fat quarters using the patterns from the workshops.
– In Stevenage we now have a whole group of sewing ladies that meet regularly, it was wonderful to hear them all chat away and as a result of the intermediate class they were able to rekindle a sewing meet up with the help of the lovely Hobbycraft colleagues they now meet regularly in store.

– Some of the other makes that I have been pleased to see are stuffed toys being made again and again at home, lined wrap skirts and funky appliques using heat n bond       

2018 is an exciting year for sewing and craft, we are constantly being inspired by creativity all around us from the gorgeous outfits on Strictly to the marvellous bakes on the Bake off!  

I am using 2018 as a really ‘useful’ year, firstly there is the sewing, cooking & gardening tool belts for handy ways to keep your utensils close by.. Then there is the big sewing questions where i am using questions asked by participants and sewing folk what there #bigsewingquestion ‘s are and using this as a springboard to answer questions and also design new makes based around these questions.

2018 is seeing a lot more of my work online so we can reach a far wider group! So many people to teach and spread the word that #sewingmakesyousmile.  


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