Day 11: Sewing for pets Part 2

Welcome to ‘make my day’ : 30 days of sewing sessions with Miss Libby Rose. xx  


 I’m having so much fun with this 2-part series. ‘sewing for pets & I hope you will enjoy this too.
Part 2: Today we are making a lined jacket with a little fishtail and a collar.

Make my day sewing sessions: Sewing for pets

As you can see, we have invited our trusty assistant Elliott the Pug along again to help create and model these projects..

 The fishtail has a split in it for Elliott’s tail to sit snugly.



This is the end result and shape I have used as it may not be as visible to see on the video..

Thick elastic goes around his tummy and the thinner elastic at the top goes around neck, like a collar..

I hope this helps..

I hope you enjoy making this project as much as I do and please, please share the love on the facebook page or web..

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See you tomorrow xx