Let’s make a strawberry cushion with applique

Welcome to ‘make my day’ : 30 days of sewing sessions with Miss Libby Rose. xx  

We are making a strawberry envelope cushion with appliqué.

Make my day: make a strawberry envelope cushion

make my day sewing sessions: make a strawberry envelope cushion with applique

You will need 1 x piece of main fabric (preferably cotton or poly cotton mix) 16″ x 36″

Fabric picture: I have cut out a strawberry shape in pink with green little leaves – but you choose what you’d like.

Hearts and stars are a good beginners appliqué ideas.

Cut out your fabric picture in ‘BONDAWEB’ 

Fold down the two smaller ends 1cm x 1cm and stitch this seam on each side.

Fold the cushion in an envelope to get the front of the cushion- lay your appliqué, bondaweb and iron in place.

Zig-zag stitch around the edges of the appliqué.

Re-fold your main fabric into an envelope shape again with right sides together and sew up..

HURRAY! you have now finished your project..