I absolutely love adding appliqué to my sewing projects. There are many helpful tools to use to help create the perfect fabric picture, the two products that I use in my work are Bondaweb & Heat n Bond.

Using Bondaweb or Heat n Bond makes life a dream, it acts like a double sided fusing and once heated it will stick your shape to the fabric.  Many many years ago, I would simply pin the piece in place and as you will know if you have tried it this way, the fabric will move and you will generally always have a bump in your work. Using a fuseable facing will also give the appliqué a bit of extra strength too, so it’s a win, win!

Appliqué can be added to almost anything and its also a great way to add longevity to clothing that may be a little bit tired or sagging at the knees!

In this video at 14:35 I show you how to attach appliqué to a skirt:-


Here’s a how-to guide for bondaweb from our friends at vlieseline:-

  1. Draw the motif on the paper side of Bondaweb®. Cut out roughly.
  2. Place Bondaweb® with the rough side on the wrong side of the fabric. Iron dry for 5 seconds.
  3. Cut the motif out precisely, remove paper backing.
  4. Place with the coated side down on the fabric, with a damp cloth  iron each area for about 10 seconds – step by step.
  5. To complete the process, stitch the application with a zig-zag stitch. For additional stability, place Stitch-n-Tear underneath when needed.Click here for a how-to guide for Heat n Bond

Here are some images that you may find helpful to get you started with appliqué. Please note  these are not my images and are just here for you to use personally and not to be copied for commercial use – have some fun and play!

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