We join together to share yoga practice as taught and handed down from the ancient yogis, all in a very light hearted way especially for kids & teens.

Libby Rose blends the wisdom from her ongoing yogic studies, with her passion and joy. She imparts ways to soothe the mind, work on inner strength through the asana postures, tips on elevating confidence in self & others with a lovely yogic bond throughout.

YOGA FOR CHILDREN & TEENS at Yoga Spirit Studios
Thursday: 4pm
194 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville SA 5031
Phone: 8352 7823                      –                    Email: info@yogaspirit.com.au

..from those that are practicing yoga already to those trying it for the first time.

Each week we delve into the practice of Yoga Asana from supine twists all the way around to standing postures & balance. We kindly check in on each other and how our week has been, allowing some time for gratitude for ourselves, others and our world while staying in the present moment with our practice and thankful to our bodies, however they show up today! 

We join together for an hour session including a short Yoga Nidra or Meditation at the end.

These classes are fully inclusive adhering to the ‘8 limbs of Yoga’ as set out in yogic texts with the first limb being: 

AHIMSA: meaning  ‘do no harm’ to yourself, others, in your thoughts, feelings and actions which in tun brings us into our own peaceful state (on and off the mat)

We work in a non-forceful way both in our surroundings and in our practice, there is no judgement in this yogic space and beyond.

VIA EMAIL TO: info@yogaspirit.com.au yogaspirit.com.au/our-yoga/children-and-teens-yoga

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If you would like to chat anything through further or to discuss your child / teens specific needs, please do not hesitate to email or call.
Libby Rose:   misslibbyrose@gmail.com    |      0400 726 651 

I look forward to sharing this journey together. 



Meditation to soothe the mind


The Postures!


‘do no harm’ to yourself, others, in your thoughts, feelings and actions. We bring ourselves to a peaceful place with ‘non-stealing’ of another’s or indeed your own peaceful state.


Breath is everywhere, it is what we use every day to live but are we really conscious?


The ancient texts bring us so much wisdom


Most of all its what we take home with us that counts.

If you have any or all of the following, you can bring:-
Yoga Mat
Yoga Block
Yoga Strap

Some or all of the above can be supplied 

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