Creating a portfolio of sewing techniques plus ongoing sewing & design projects
Kids & Teens Sewing (drop down for options)

@ GLENUNGA HUB   12.30 – 2.30pm

PAYG: $35 a session with further discount if booked in bulk:
Half term (2 x sessions)  $68. Full term (4 x sessions) $135.
2 terms (8 x sessions) $272 

An array of materials and notions are supplied as are all machines. 
Over time the students are encouraged to collect up their own equipment to bring to class.
It is very much encouraged that all materials are upcycled by you from home or collect up from friends and family!

Project 1: Sewing Roll Each student designs and creates a ‘sewing roll’ to be filled with their own equipment over time.
We become a class of self sufficient sewists and designers. 
These Sewing Rolls are all personalised with embroidery.    (I do this for the students)
(some will already have this project)

It is encouraged that (over time) you may look at gathering some lovely quality sewing equipment, I find this is a good idea for Birthday and Christmas presents. Not only does this make the whole process work better, it also teaches each student the need to cherish and look after their beautiful equipment and indeed respect the wonderful craft of sewing. 
There is always sewing equipment on hand in the class. 
Sewing Roll equipment to be collected up over time:-
Good fabric scissors, Good paper scissors, tailors chalk or tailors pencils, pins, threads, nice pencils or pens to design with. I will add links here as I find good examples and stockists.
In the meantime – i’m always happy to chat it through. 


Ongoing projects: 
We work through individual projects whether that’s a shop bought clothing or craft pattern or designing a simple personalised pattern from our own measurements.  

Sewing Folders: Creating a Portfolio of Techniques:
This is a showcase of different learnings in the design and sewing process, being filled up as we go along from buttonholes, to zips, darts, tricky and easy seams, shortcuts (and hardcuts) all whilst having a lot of fun along the way…
These folders will be a great addition to a portfolio if anyone is looking to take sewing and design on in further studies sooner or later in life or indeed a great reference guide to check in with for ‘at home sewing’ and honing those design skills.

It could be anything from clothes designs to exploring accessories or even beautiful toys.
It is my intention for each student to flow with their own visions and create this folder around that. In time, I am sure it will assist with ongoing studies, hobbies or employment. 

..  from those that are already sewing with the machine to beginners..

Together we upcycle, recycle, sew, design and create.
With Libby Rose’s design and construction advice and teachings we begin to see life in what was ready to be discarded..
What starts as a disused pair of jeans may end up as a tote bag.

Curtains are now a skirt!
What once was a shirt is now a Book bag with pockets.


These classes are all FULLY inclusive.

We work in a non-forceful way both in our surroundings and in our practice, there is no judgement in this sewing space and beyond.

If you would like to chat anything through further or to discuss your child / teens specific needs, please do not hesitate to email or call.
Libby Rose:   misslibbyrose@gmail.com    |      
0400 726 651

I look forward to sharing this journey together. 



Let's find something ready for waste and give it some new life


GET CREATIVE! (even and especially if you dont think you are!)


As with yoga, we practice Ahimsa. This means we 'do no harm’ to ourselves, others and our environment... ...in our thoughts, feelings and actions.


Let's try and go as Zero Waste as possible. We will have a 'pot' for any extras that you may not want or think you want. Buttons, threads, velcro it all can be used again, lets share..


Get your sketch books and colouring pencils, lets draw out from all the corners of our imagination..


Most of all its what we take home with us that counts.

Please bring:-
All materials we will use are recycled, so please start collecting up garments, sheets, anything that you think could be used to create into a skirt, bag or anything else! You may even bring in things that you like the buttons on, or that you may not like but can swap or pass on to someone else that will!