You are invited to share in the creation of a Peaceful Craft Mural for the summer to be proudly displayed at the Burnside Library & Community Centre.

The theme is ‘Peace’ and ‘Joy’ so perhaps have a thought on ‘what brings peace to you’ and in turn ‘what brings you joy’
This could be anything from a colour, shape, feeling or word, and lets see how we can incorporate this into the final piece.
Come along in person (details / dates / times below) and add your individual approach to this peaceful sewing practice.

Join us on one or all of the community workshops as listed below.
On arrival, you will be invited to ‘take a fabric square’ and decorate using sewing techniques with colours as specified to the mural (always adding your individual approach.)
You are encouraged to bring along any materials you may wish to use, upcycle or offer to others to use in the piece. 
Let’s think as ‘mixed media’ as we can, as long as it can be sewn or stuck it has the opportunity to be used!
Buttons. sequins, tassels, and all sewing notions are gratefully welcomed.

Once all the squares have been decorated the piece will be sewn up to create a large ‘lotus mural’ for display throughout summer.

Your square will have lines and colour themes to fit in with the lotus shape or shall we say the ‘bigger picture’ but within this remit the creativity is all yours!

These are fully inclusive workshops:-
– If you cannot find anything to upcycle / recycle or use in the project to bring, please do come along in any case, there is always enough for everyone!
– If you do not wish to add to the mural, please do come along in any case, there are other little pieces to have your hand in!
– If you do not have the time to stay around and decorate at these times, 
please do pop along when you can in any case, we can arrange for you to take a piece home and bring back.
If you do not think you are ‘creative enough’ or any other thoughts… 
please do come along in any case, there will be lots to get your creative juices flowing..

ALL ARE MOST WELCOME – so come along it is completely free and open to all. 


Market at the Hub: 

Saturday 16th October 

Saturday 20th November

Workshop at the Burnside Community Centre.

Sunday afternoon in the cloisters:

Sunday 24th October 2pm – 4pm

Sunday 14th November 2pm – 4pm

The colour themes for the Peaceful Lotus Mural are:-
Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green petals
Blue Background
Whites and Grey outlines..
And of course variations in-between all of these colours are welcome!
Although this is a sewing and craft project, I would love for your imagination to run wild – What brings you Peace? What brings you Joy? 
Perhaps its the feeling of rummaging around in a button tin – so why not add some button art?
Perhaps its gazing off into the ocean – so maybe its a shell or 2? 
Fabrics that feel nice? maybe a sheet that is no longer usable or a blanket that could be upcycled? Tops, skirts, et all.. Bring it along, you never know, you may inspire someone else.



Recycling is the key to these classes!


Learn to design and measure up to create your very own masterpiece!


‘do no harm’ to yourself, others, in your thoughts, feelings and actions. We bring ourselves to a peaceful place with ‘non-stealing’ of another’s or indeed your own peaceful state.


Let's re-use what we have. Have a look around you and see what could be reused or re-made into something else!


Get creative with your designs and recycling, carry around a notebook or sketchbook and jot down all those ideas!


We come to our sewing table together.