T H A N K Y O U!

The mural is now complete and up in all her glory for all to enjoy at: Burnside Community Centre / Burnside Library / City Of Burnside. Thanks to all those involved in creating her, she brings such joy and sense of community to the space.
If you are visiting her, please take your own creative pictures and hashtag on social media #BurnsideCommunity



Recycling is the key to these classes!


Learn to design and measure up to create your very own masterpiece!


‘do no harm’ to yourself, others, in your thoughts, feelings and actions. We bring ourselves to a peaceful place with ‘non-stealing’ of another’s or indeed your own peaceful state.


Let's re-use what we have. Have a look around you and see what could be reused or re-made into something else!


Get creative with your designs and recycling, carry around a notebook or sketchbook and jot down all those ideas!


We come to our sewing table together.