Meditate wherever you are

I love Kundalini yoga and try to practice this every day, whether it’s in a class environment, using the app on my phone or taking some time outdoors to sit in nature and sit in bliss.

The Kundalini Yoga practice is made up of yoga stretches & postures, chanting and meditation. My love for it has truly started this year when I decided to take my practice a little further. I have always meditated in some form in my life,  in the past it was generally  used to get me out of a tricky situation, or when I’ve hit rock bottom and nothing else was working or even just trying to get back to sleep! This year, I started to go to classes, read and learn as much as I could about it and I am feeling ‘hooked.’ The practice pushes you sometimes a little and sometimes a LOT out of your comfort zone by chanting, and practicing  

 In this video I was out on a walk in Cornwall and felt to practice some chanting and meditation on top of a cliff, looking over at the sea in Cornwall.

(This was at Kynance Cove shortly after it had hailed!)

If you meditate or practice Kundalini, I’d love to hear your process and where and when you find the time to practice – is it daily? Weekly? or when works for you?

So, what is this video all about? If you are brand new to Kundalini or are interested in what I’ve been up to, here’s a great place to start!