Let’s sew a 1940’s style Landgirl headscarf


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How to make a land girl style head scarf

you will need:

2 x fat quarter pieces

sewing machine



hand sewing needles and thread


First things first: Print and create pattern!

Right click on the pattern and click ‘save as’ this will allow the pattern to be saved on your computer then print it at A4 size. Cut out the patterns and stick the sides together that have the – – – dashed line on them.
Once they are stuck together you will now have a working pattern.

** top tip ** transfer this over to cardboard once you are happy with making the headscarf, this will allow for longevity of your pattern so you can use again and again and again!

Now.. let’s get making….

  1. Take the 2 x fat quarter pieces lay them right sides together. Fold in half creating a triangular type of shape as photo 2 above so you have the longest length possible
  2. Lay the pattern on the fold and cut around shape – watch the video if this is confusing!
  3. Now you have 2 x pattern pieces cut out of fabric.
  4. Lay out the pieces flat and turn the edges inwards to create the peak (see pictures 3 , 4 & 5 above) sew the seam along the edges x 4 times.
  5. Now you have 2 x headscarves, place them with right sides together, pin and sew the whole way round leaving a 6cm gap in the bottom of the curve.
  6. Create ‘notches’ around the curve and snip of the excess at the tip of the peaks.
  7. Turn the whole piece through in the gap you left earlier and iron flat.
  8. Handsew up the gap and viola you’re done!

** NEXT STEP!** I’d love to see your makes so do share away on social media and please do tag me!


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