How to trust in your ideas and this ‘new way’ of life / work / play

So I haven’t blogged in a while. I could make all the excuses in the world, but the main thing is.. I AM BACK and on it!

There has been so much going on including the Scotland sewing tour which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G but for now I wanted to get this out there. There has been major shifts that seem to be going on all around me, people changing direction in there business, changing jobs, starting new hobbies and really interesting ‘shifts’ including even the government talking about the new way in which we are all working differently and how employment laws need to start to changing to suit the way we work now.

No longer are people solely working part time / full time or living in the 9-5 world and staying that way from start to retire. We are starting businesses from home, helping others out virtually and this largely discussed ‘Gig economy’ – if you’d like to hear more about this new economy, do check out Radio 4’s Money box Live episode here:-

As a result of these evolving shifts in the way we work, live and this ‘new way’ we need to keep our bodies and wellbeing tuned in and in good working order so we are on form to deal with all that life, love and work throws at us.

All this talk had led me to have a meet-up this week with my good friend & mentor Natalee Tucker. We generally meet once a month for her group in Bexleyheath – Absolute Business Confidence.  But this month we decided to meet in-between for cups of tea and generally chatting things through…

The theme coming up in her Septembers meeting is ‘Trust’ and this is a topic that is so close to my heart. Belief and trust in the unknown is one of the scariest yet wonderful parts of life and living in this ‘new way’ of life / work balance. It is something that I know I work on as a daily practice. So we decided that at the ABC meeting in September I could do a 1-hour take over! Talking about my journey, how we can use ‘trust’ in our everyday lives including work / health and finance.

If you would like to come along to this mini mastermind meet up and watch me with my ‘business head on’ in action and if you could do with some help, support, empowerment, inspiration, clarity, practical advice on trust. Or just a group of amazing women to hang out with. Check out the link here and book on! It’s totally free for your first time!


As total synchronicity would have it, after our meet up in the cafe, I went on to my facebook feed to see this gorgeous dance from the Ballroom Dance Tube learning how to ‘Give Weight’ and ‘Trust’ in dance. I know we are on the right track and I cant wait to apply this and talk Business ‘trust’ with you!

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