How to make a fabric pencil case with velcro

You will need:







2 x fat quarter pieces cut into pieceĀ  16cm x 22cm
2 x fat quarter pieces cut into pieceĀ  22cm x 22cm
2cm wide velcro cut into 2 x 20cm strips
Sewing machineThreadPinsScissorsTape measure or ruler

Marker pen or chalk


Step 1







Take 1 x large and 1 x small piece of fabric
The small piece is the one you will see on the outside
Large piece is the lining that will go onto this smaller piece
Place velcro on the RIGHT side of the smaller piece 1.5 cm down from the top and equidistant from the raw side edgesPin the velcro in place by placing pins vertically to the horizontal piece of velcroSew around the velcro in a box shape. sewing as close to the edge of the velcro as you can but making sure you catch it all!Apply the velcro in the same way to the large square piece.
Step 2






Now the velcro is in place, take the two small rectangle shapes (one with and one without velcro) and place them with the right sides together.

Pin and sew the top edges together (the 22cm line) by placing the fabrics right sides together with the velcro at the top.

Sew one line 0.5cm seam allowance so you are not sewing over the velcro.

Open up the seam so both fabrics are on opposite sides of each other fold and press, do not iron over the velcro! (you can iron on the back of it though..)

Step 3





Take 1 x large piece with the velcro on and pop it on the square without the velcro on with right sides together, pin down the side edges and sew the 3 SIDES ONLY with a small 0.5 seam allowance.

** leave a gap in the centre bottom 5 cm wide**

Take the other large piece and lay it on top of the small rectangle with the velcro on. Sew the 3 sides up, up to the stitch line.

Step 4 Sew up the top box – the final 3 sides remaining.
Step 5




Trim your corners!
Turn the whole piece through using the small gap and press it all nice and flat. Push the lining inside the outer fabric.Press, press press!
(Tip: Do not press over velcro – using a pressing cloth or scrap of fabric if you need to do that!)
Sew up the small hole inside!
VIOLA! you are done!

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