For this project you will need: 


To make the tutu skirt: 
Step 1:Tie a ribbon around with a bow the model or mannequin to begin. This is now your wasitband and it is the way you will get the tutu on and off.
Step 2:Decide the colours you’d like to use and prepare the net lengths by simply opening up the tulle spools.
Zero waste tip:Keep the cardboard ‘spools’ that the tulle comes on. These are great for craft activities and for tidying ribbons and craft supplies in the craft room. For more zero waste tips do check out my blog post: ‘Libbys top 10 zero waste hacks’
Step 3:Take one tulle length and fold in half. Loop the halfway point around the waistband and take the ends of your tulle up over the waistband and push back through the loop. (see image)
Step 4:Repeat the above knots again and again! I used 3 spools! You can make yours as full or not as you like. The more you push the tulle together the fuller it will be!