It really is my favourite time of year to visit Cornwall. Feeling at one with the earth makes it even more magical. The vast landscapes, the winding sometimes icy road and that magical frosty sunshine.. 

A magical experience indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the summertime, oh boy do I love summer! No need for coats or wellies

 (Well it is Cornwall so yes sometimes there is a need for wellies) 

Eden project:

It sure has changed into a well oiled machine since I was last here!

I got some time to mediate in the orchard garden (ok only a little 5 minute one but a teeny bit of blissfulness all the same) 


Bedruthan Steps, Newquay



Have you ever been somewhere that made you feel so close to creation, so in tune with Mother Earth and then just allowed yourself to be in that moment to soak it all in?


I am sure that this may well happen many times over the course of my travels, and I’m so blessed that it begins with this flipping awesome location @bedruthan steps. 


The wind was bracing, the climb was in parts steep but the views and this peaceful feeling made it all worth it. 


I managed to clamber around to find a little cove in amongst the cliffs to sit in easy pose and meditate chanting the ‘mangala charn’ and allowed those words to go deep!

(Apologies to any dog walkers and ramblers that may have passed me by!) 

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