Yoga Practice Welcome to this online yoga practice from my home to yours… Please ensure you listen to your body while participating with this online yoga session without force.Please read and see notes below, before starting this practice..*   **  For more information on Yoga Classes click here: I would love your feedback on… Continue reading Yoga Practice


Take your time and space away from any distractions.Lay down on your yoga mat, or rug (or both) It is said not to practice Yoga Nidra on anything ‘too soft’ so preferably not a mattress or your bed. “As is the mind so is the body,As is the body so is the mind.” We come… Continue reading YOGA NIDRA

Joint Release Practices

Yoga Blog: Joint Release Practices Some to try… Joint Release Practices are a wonderfully beneficial addition to your daily home practice. We can all experience joint stiffness at some point in our days/ lives moments so practicing these somewhat ‘simple’ movements can assist to create ease in both the body and mind. This one… Continue reading Joint Release Practices