Libby Rose Retreat

There’s something very special about waking up early in the morning, even before the sun has risen to give thanks for another beautiful day to come, and start a daily practice, just for you. There are many other factors that can take precedence in our lives,  and often before you know it, you turn around… Continue reading Libby Rose Retreat

Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway

As time goes on we start to see and perceive life with different eyes. What was once easy is now a struggle and what was once a struggle is now actually quite easy.We grow, we love, we have new experiences and slowly we make new judgements on things.  To quote a Talk Talk song… ‘Life’s… Continue reading Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway

Meditate wherever you are How do you get out of a clunky situation? Or reset your brain from the inevitable ‘brain fog’ that seems to creep in?  Or maybe you don’t have any of that in your life, but if you’re intrigued at all in a peaceful and undemanding daily practice or daily check in with yourself, then… Continue reading Meditate wherever you are