Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair 2017

Check out all the piccies from the Handmade Fair! I’d love your feedback from the Fair on what you’d like to learn next.. do fill out the survey if you can and you could win free tickets to the next show!

#GBSB Facebook Live working with Stretch Fabrics

Today I’ve been back on the Pink Sewing Bus working towards the fabulous event that is ‘The Great British Sewing Bee LIVE’ at Excel London that is now only weeks away!! YIPPEEE

As part of the show I am doing an old favourite workshop of mine that is designing, measuring and making a pair of leggings from scratch using Jersey fabrics. In these LIVE Videos below I am talking about how we get all prepared and set up for using stretch!

We will need the Walking foot (or ‘even feed’ foot) – I show you how to put this on to your machine!
We will also need a Ball Point needle with a nice sharp sized end to suit your chosen weight of Jersey

and away we gooo….

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here’s the whole video again via youtube:-

#GBSBLive on Facebook creating fabulous Applique

As part of the @TheGBSBLive event at Excel in September I am so excited and honored to have been asked to run workshops at the show. As many of you know, I am a big fan of applique and will try and pop some applique on to most of my designs when possible!

Join me in the video below as we go on a little journey into applique and watch as I create a little applique bird live on Facebook for @theGBSBLive!

#GBSBLive! Instagram story take-over with Miss Libby Rose

What a fun day taking over the Great British Sewing Bee Live! Instagram today… despite any technical hitches I had a ball!

Story 1: Welcome to Greenwich riverside, it’s so lovely to start the day by the river which is just around the corner from my house. Even if Elliot the Pug is a little ‘bark-a-lot’ it still starts my day off with the peace and serenity that only water and being on the river can bring to me. So here’s a little Hello video from me…

Story 2: After my morning swim and walks, let’s get the bus all set up for a day of sewing. Here’s a little intro to my world of sewing and the Pink Sewing Bus. As I am on video today there’s no need to set up all the machines as I normally would for a day of teaching – today is all about cameras, lighting, my nearest and dearest sewing machines – oh and the pug when he chooses to join me 🙂

Instagram posts:

Story 3: After a lunch break and walks again I am back on the bus with some fun embroidery and words of wisdom from me! I am here to tell you about the other classes I am doing including the Simplicity Pattern Hack!
Plus I am setting up the embroidery machine to show you how it’s done – don’t forget #sewingmakesyousmile!

Story 4: We are looking at the Janome Embroidery machine:  Memorycraft 350e and making some fabulous embroidery words on fabric.

#sewingmakesyousmile #embroidery

Story 5: A little goodbye from me! we finish off our embroidery and chat about my next Facebook Live event for the @theGBSBLIVE event! See my post 1st September all about stretch!

The Stevenage Sewing BEE!

One of my most favourite Hobbycrafters (aside from @DavidWestman of course) is the lovely @samantha.longhurst.9 and lucky for me she was the Manager that greeted me on the 29th July at the Stevenage Hobbycraft store! Seriously I was delighted to see her after we met and and had a ball at Kirstie Allsops Handmade Fair last year.

Here’s a re-cap of images from the day, and I am so happy to hear that now the Stevenage Sewing Bee is up and running in store after my visit!



Well done ladies and happy, happy sewing!