Summer Fun Fat Quarter Skirt

In this video we are making the ‘Summer Fun Fat Quarter Skirt’ made with some gorgeous polkadot Fat Quarters from my @PinkSewingBus partners @Hobbycraft.

Download the pattern here:-

summer skirt1  &  summer skirt page2

Join me @MissLibbyRose as I guide you through how to make this fun and skirt.

You Will Need:-

The embroidery machine I used to create the gorgeous appliqué is the Janome 350e:-

Memory Craft 350E


Print out patterns at A4 size and stick them together as instructed on the pattern piece.

Lay your fat quarter piece in half and pop the pattern with the straight line on the fold.

Cut 4 x pieces on the fold as a start (for a childrens skirt or a small size 8-10 adult)

You can cut more at this stage if you know you will definitely want a larger skirt. You will try it on for size in a short while so you can cut more then or we can say now that 2 x more fat quarters for a size 12-14.

Be brave and bold with your fat quarters you can go clashy or matchy – the choice is yours!

In contrasting fabric, cut out the heart (or other fabric shape) piece for the appliqué with matching bondaweb or heat n bond.

Measure your elastic piece by slightly stretching it around your model and overlapping it by an inch. Put the elastic aside for a later stage.

Lay the first fat quarter piece on top of the second piece so the right sides are facing each other & pin along the straight (diagonal) lines.

Leaving a 1cm to 1.5cm seam allowance stitch the long seam.

Open the seam and lay your next piece on top with right sides together, pin and stitch.

Carry on the above method until all the fat quarters are joined.

Wrap the long piece around your subject, participant or model and check that the pieces overlap each other with room as the elastic will gather or ruche it all together, you dont want it tight at the top!

You can now add more fat quarter panels if required and once you are happy that you have a nice overlap you can stitch the final seam so you have a circular shape.

At this stage it is good practice to go back to your seams and zig zag close to the seams raw edges so you will stop any fraying at a later stage.

Press flat all seams flat.

Apply your appliqué fabric piece in your chosen position by using the iron and following the instructions on the heat n bond or bondaweb.

Stitch around the edge of the appliqué using a zig zag or fancy stitch.

Go to the top of the skirt to create the elasticated waist-band.

Fold down the top of the skirt first of all 1cm and press this flat.

Take your elastic and measure the width (usually 1 – 1.5 inch or 25mm – 32mm works well here)

Fold down the top of the skirt a further gap so your elastic will slide through nicely.

Not too tight here add an extra 1cm if you are not sure.

Press and pin this fold down so the seams match up and don’t worry if you create any pleats or gather to make the seams match each other and fit. This will be disguised later in the elastic ruching.

Using straight stitch or a fancy stitch now it is time to sew within the 1cm turn up following the edge of your presser foot against the edge of the fabric turn up. You are creating a channel at the top of the skirt, leave a gap (enough to thread your elastic through) before you meet yourself back to the start of the stitching.

Take your elastic and safety pin one end to the edge of the hole in the waistband. Safety pin the end of the elastic and push through the channel until you meet yourself back at the start.

Unpin both safety pins.

Pull out both pieces of elastic so you are creating the gather / ruching. Ensure the elastic has not twisted at any point.

Once you are happy sew up the elastic using a zig zag stitch so it can ‘ping’ back into the waist-band channel.

Sew up the hole.

Lastly the hem… go to the bottom of the skirt and ensure you are happy with the length. Adjust if necessary.

Iron a rolled style hem by folding up 1cm and then another 1cm. Iron, pin and sew using the edge of your presser foot against the edge of your fabric as a guide.

VIOLA! You are done.. enjoy 🙂

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Super Dooper Summer Lovin’ Lined Purse

In this video we are making a super dooper curvy lined purse made with some gorgeous Fat Quarters
from my @PinkSewingBus partners @Hobbycraft.
Join me @MissLibbyRose as I guide you through how to make this fun and quirky purse.

Download the pattern here: super dooper curvy lined purse pattern

In this video we are making the ‘Summer Lovin’ curvy lined purse’ made with some gorgeous tropical Fat Quarters from my @PinkSewingBus partners @Hobbycraft.

Join me @MissLibbyRose as I guide you through how to make this fun and quirky purse.

You Will Need:-
– Pattern piece :
– Sewing machine :
– Scissors :
– A pack of fat quarters :
– Ribbon:
– Pins :
– Sewing thread :
– An iron

The embroidery machine I used to create the ‘Summer Lovin’ writing is the Janome 350e:-


Print out your pattern piece at A4 size and cut out around edges.

Lay 2 fat quarter pieces whole and place pattern on top (whole) watching your pattern directions as discussed in the video, pin and cut around.

Fold the pattern along the dashes as on pattern instructions. Pin and cut 2 x smaller pieces with the pattern folded.

Lay the 2 x smaller pieces with right sides together, pin along the top straight line and sew this straight line leaving a small seam allowance (foot against the edge of the fabric – do this for the rest of the sewing)

Open up this seam, press and fold over so the right sides are showing.

Decide which pieces are for your lining and lay the lining sides together so they are right sides together, pin and sew these 2 x pieces around this bottom curvy section. Leave a gap (around 3 x fingers wide) in the centre bottom.

Now do the same for the 2 x pieces that are for the outside. Lay with right sides together. This time slide one piece of ribbon (long enough to tie a bow at the end – around 20cm) and place this in the centre bottom (same place as you left the hole on the other side) leave a bit of ribbon poking through so you can stitch this into the purse.

Pin and sew around this bottom curved part.

You will have 2 x pieces remaining un-sewed at the top. This will make the top of the purse and you will feel like you are closing it all up now.

Take the other piece of ribbon (around 20cm long) and place it in the top centre with a small amount poking through on this side and the majority inside the purse.

Pin and sew these remaining 2 x top parts to each other with right sides together from stitch line to stitch line, sewing in the ribbon at the top.

Go to the hole you left in a previous step and pull it all through here.

Push the inside (lining) inside the outside pieces, lay flat and press.

Once you are happy you can go inside to the hole and sew up the final part (the hole).

VIOLA! You are done.. enjoy 🙂

Do tweet or facebook a picture if you try this yourself! @misslibbyrose & @pinksewingbus

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Sewing stories

This started as the perfect year: 2017 began in Cornwall with some dear friends that truly nourish my soul, I so appreciate the times I get to spend in Cornwall, the vast countryside awakens my inner explorer and cheeky adventurer..  Alas since returning early January I have absolutely struggled with the freezing weather and teaching work has been slow off the mark – it’s been cold and in my little world of sewing, I’ve struggled with being a teeny bit lonely! Driving around in my beautiful vintage pink bus has not been appealing in the ice….. So I have decided to finally start this blog. Each time I post I will add a song of the week (because music is a great healer & up-lifter!) and I will end with my list of reasons to be cheerful which I hope will be happy reading and inspire you to write your own list of cheerfulness!

I do hope to move to Cornwall one day, I have been saying this since my first proper visit there in 2011. I am so inspired for the year ahead and have such lovely friends there. Here’s me helping with the chickens!

So the month of January has moved swiftly along (although not as swiftly as I would have liked!) and there have been some lovely things happening in amongst the boring tasks of tax returns.

We started back with our Wednesday After School Clubs earlier in January and I say ‘we’ as it is the lovely students that come along that really make this group special. Some will stay for a term and others come back time and time again, and this term has been no different. I really love how each personality of student can create a new idea and new inspiration that we all feed off and help. New designs, new sewing techniques and not to mention a wealth of stories from the week that has gone before.
My superstar this week was definitely 10 yr old Astrid who had a Harry Potter themed birthday party and was wearing her Gryffindor cloak that she designed and made in the class! Well done Astrid…. and most of all well done as all of your friends couldn’t believe you had actually  made it! Little did they know that you also took all of your own measurements, laid down paper and created the whole thing from scratch including a hood! I can only take part of the credit as I merely guided her in the right direction – so chuffed!
In other after school club news we have a very glamorous witches costume for the stage, a set of vintage inspired dresses for a school fashion show, a wrap dress and 2 x little pinafore dresses on the go.. not forgetting to mention the power rangers tunic top and trousers! PHEW!!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a house clearance of an absolute craft extraordinaire! What a life this lady had. After her passing the family invited me along to go through her wealth of craft stash and take what I could use in my classes – I had to share these gorgeous Vintage Patterns with my after school club – here’s a snippet…

AND THEN… There was The Hobbycraft Press show!!
It’s wonderful to be invited back again to the Hobbycraft Press Show, run sewing workshops and meet some brilliant press & bloggers.. This time we had an evening event for bloggers and day event for press. As this is a spring show I decided we would make Easter treat bags.. with Bunny Ears! These were such a success that I’ll be rolling them on for Easter workshops soon!

AND PATRICK GRANT!! What a treat to have Patrick Grant there and this time we actually got  to chat and have a laugh while he was doing press shots and general fabulous-ness!

Song of the week:

Islands in the stream Dolly & Kenny: No reason why, I just heard it on the radio and it’s such a good singalong tune!

Reasons to be cheerful:
1) First birthday party of the year last Saturday in the Pink Sewing Bus making awesome skirts and the feedback being ‘ They all loved it and said it was “amazing”!
2) Meeting Patrick Grant (of Great British Sewing Bee fame) and having a chat and a laugh while he was being photographed at the Hobbycraft Spring Show.
3) Having the wonderful company of my little pal Elliot (the pug) with me braving the frost, getting our paws dirty & muddy, going on chores in the Pink Sewing Bus and generally stomping away the January Blues…