How to make a lined festive stocking handbag or hanging

You will need:
2 x fat quarter fabrics
Button or buttons if you’d like to decorate it more
1 metre of thin ribbon
Handsewing needle & contrasting thread

Plus your sewing kit including: Sewing machine, scissors, tailors chalk, thread, pins

Download the pattern by clicking here

Download the PDF instructions here

Use 0.5 to 1cm seam allowances throughout this project.

Step 1: Print out the pattern above and cut 4 x pieces as indicated on the pattern. 2 x outer and 2 x lining. Always cut with right sides together!

Step 2: Place the 2 x smaller pieces with right sides together and sew together along the top (the dashed line on the pattern.) Then open up the seam so both fabrics are on opposite sides of the fold and press open.

Step 3: Take 1 of the larger pieces of stocking shape (the lining) and lay it on top and in line with the small  piece that is also the lining. Lay these with right sides together, pin down the side edges and sew around the edges from the seam line around to the other seam line  ** leave a gap off side of the centre bottom around 5 cm wide**

Step 4: Do the same again with the other large piece (the outer fabric) lay in line with the small piece outer fabric, sew together from stich line around to stitch line and no need to leave a gap this time!

Step 5:  You now have 3 sides (a little box at the top) remaining. Take your ribbon and cut a piece that is double the size of your button. Fold the fabric in half and slide it into the middle of the top centre line (so you have a folded over tounge poking out!)

Step 6: Pin around the remaining 3 sides including the ribbon and sew it up

Step 7: NOTCH NOTCH NOTCH!! make little cuts in the seams all around the curves being careful not to go over your lovely seams! Then you can turn it all through and press flat, and if youre happy, sew up the hole inside.

Step 8: Take the remaining ribbon, fold in half and create a handle for the top. Hand sew this ribbon into the side seams to the side of the top flap

Step 9: Sew your button in place so the ribbon on the top flap will catch it and hold it all in place!

Step 10: Press it all flat and hang with pride or fill it with goodies for a secret santa, or hang it from your mantle!

I’d love to see your makes, please do sign up to my youtube channel:


Vintage inspired summer hat with a wide brim!

To make the fabric sun hat you will need:
3 x fat quarter pieces
1 x pkt of interfacing
Sewing machine
Iron, pins, scissors

First things first download the pattern:
Page 1 of 2 Brim pattern
Page 2 of 2 Brim pattern
Side pattern

Step 1: Fold the fat quarter piece in quarters,  lay the brim pattern on the quarters and cut out the brim on 2 x folds of the fabric as shown in the video. This will create a full brim piece without any seams! Do the same for the other brim and the interfacing (x2)
Step 2: The top of the hat magically appears after you have cut the brim! So keep hold of these circles for the top of the hat.
Step 3: Cut out the side / ties as indicated on the pattern x 4. Sew these pieces with right sides together to create 2 x very long rectangular pieces.
Step 4: Take the circular tops and find a middle line by ironing a crease down the middle. Make sure you do the same place on the other circular shape. If yours is an oval shape do ensure you choose the same middle crease on both so you are working on the same shapes as these will eventually have to match up.
Step 5: Attach the long piece to the top circular shape. Line up the sewn seam to one of the creases and sew around to the other crease. Repeat this process on the other side and with the other top and side pieces. You now have 2 x top pieces with sides and with extra fabrics extending off the edge.
Step 6:  Find a middle fold on the brim and press to make a crease. Ensure you have the same shape crease on both brims. The brims go slightly wider on the side so ensure you fold the same for both brims.
Atttach the brim to the sides, again starting at that seam line against the crease and sewing around till you get to the ties and the other crease and repeat on the other side. Repeat again on the other hat pieces. **Leave the ties hanging**
Step 7: Lay the hat in half lengthwise and sew aound the ties to enclose them in. Repeat on the other side.
Step 8: Apply interfacing to both brims.
Step 9: Put the whole hats inside each other and sew around the outer brims enclosing them in, leaving a gap 4 – 6 cm where ties are hanging out!
Step 10: Turn the whole hat through where you left the gap, roll and press out flat.
Step 11: Hand sew up the hole left and you can now style your hat by rolling up the brim and tying it up!

How to sew a vintage style military hat with button!

Welcome to this sewing tutorial with Miss Libby Rose. Today we are making a vintage inspired military hat with a button at the front.

First of all gather up your materials. You will need:
2 x fat quarters
Sewing machine
Handsewing needle & thread

Pattern page 1 here

Pattern page 2 here

Step 1: Cut out fabric & interfacing as pattern states 2 x tops 2 x sides and apply the interfacing to the fabric

Step 2: Fold the long sideways pieces in half lengthways and create a crease with your iron.

Step 3: With right sides together line up the crease on the longer side with the point at the peak of the hat.

Step 4: Pin and sew the outer fabric from the centre back peak point around to the front point leaving the excess fabric dangling at the front on both sides. Do the same for the lining but this time leave a 4-6cm gap in the side.

Step 5: Notch around the curves and iron / steam the hat. You can roll up a hand towel inside the hat to add depth so it is easier to steam out any creases and create crisp edges.

Step 6:  Place the 2 hats inside each other with right sides together and sew the raw edges together ensuring you keep following around the excess flap at the front.

Step 7: Notch & clip edges again and turn through to the right way, press and roll out the edges and the front flap too! make it nice and crisp (use your hand towel again to roll up inside)

Step 8: Try it on and create a overflap at the front.  Handsew on the button over the front flap to hold it all together.

Step 9: Handsew up the hole left in the lining.