Positivity Pants

Positivity Pants is a mix of positive making with lots of fun sewing and creating. 

You can make your very own pair of positivity pants by following the instructions all as laid out below. I show you how to make with fat quarters or jersey!

I would love to hear from you if you go ahead and make your own in a group, on your own or indeed teach others how to!

Try not to take the task too seriously and perhaps you could come up with a slogan or saying of your own, or use something that makes you feel good, even a picture!

Think positive – sew positive – love and happiness to you all xx 

Halloween Pirate

To make the Pirate Costume for Halloween
Top Tip:Always press / iron your chosen fat quarters out flat before starting your project, this gets out all the folds and ensures precise cutting!
Zero Waste tip!Always keep your offcuts! Mix and match your offcuts for applique or pockets, or keep in a bag and give them away to a local school or brownie club. You can also keep your threads for stuffing! For more zero waste tips do check out my blog post: ‘Libbys top 10 zero waste hacks’
To make the tabard style top: Use 1 x fat quarter for very small child & use 2 x fat quarters for larger version
Step 1:Fold 1 x fat quarter in half lengthways and fold it in half again press the folds in place. Unfold ensuring you can clearly see those creased lines and cut in half along the halfway crease. For the larger version: Fold one fat quarter in half lengthways for the front and the other fat quarter lengthways for the back.
Step 2:Put aside one of the pieces for now and work with the other one. This will be the front. Fold back in half along the crease line.
Step 3:Take your pinking shears and tape measure, from the centre top crease measure down from centre of neck (middle of neck bones) down to where you would like the v of the neckline to go. Take this measurement (usually around 3.5″ or 9cm) .Using your pinking shears create a V or a curve here for the neckline. Ensuring to take into account the tops that wll be the shoulder lines (see image)
Step 4 sew:Use a template from: https://misslibbyrose.com/learn-to-sew/applique/ (or your own picture) to cut out fabric & heat n bond. Follow the manufacturers instruction on the Heat n Bond packets and use your iron to heat and press your fabric applique in shape. If you are using the ‘no-sew’ heat n bond you are all set once it is heated down. If you want to sew around your shape, set your machine to a tight zigzag and go ahead and sew in place.
Step 4 no sew:Again, use a template from: https://misslibbyrose.com/learn-to-sew/applique/ (or your own picture) to cut out fabric & heat n bond (the red packet, no sew). Follow the manufacturers instruction on the Heat n Bond packets and use your iron to heat and press your fabric applique in shape. Once it is heated in place its all done!
Step 5:Add buttons for eyes or other fun halloween habersashery on the applique.
Step 6:Put the 2 x tabard shapes with right sides together. Sew up the tops (shoulders) that are located next to the scoop for the neck.
Step 7:Last bit of sewing is to sew up the sides. To leave enough space for arm holes, measure from top of shoulder to uder arm pit so the wearer has enough space to get arms in anod out. More space is better. Do remember this is only a fun costume so you dont need to be exact. When I did mine, I left a space of 13cm.
Step 8:Time for some fun with pinking shears! Go along the bottom hem, arms and snip snip snip! Create a jaggered edge to make it look very piratey!

Halloween tutu

For this project you will need: 


To make the tutu skirt: 
Step 1:Tie a ribbon around with a bow the model or mannequin to begin. This is now your wasitband and it is the way you will get the tutu on and off.
Step 2:Decide the colours you’d like to use and prepare the net lengths by simply opening up the tulle spools.
Zero waste tip:Keep the cardboard ‘spools’ that the tulle comes on. These are great for craft activities and for tidying ribbons and craft supplies in the craft room. For more zero waste tips do check out my blog post: ‘Libbys top 10 zero waste hacks’
Step 3:Take one tulle length and fold in half. Loop the halfway point around the waistband and take the ends of your tulle up over the waistband and push back through the loop. (see image)
Step 4:Repeat the above knots again and again! I used 3 spools! You can make yours as full or not as you like. The more you push the tulle together the fuller it will be!

How to make a lined festive stocking handbag or hanging

You will need:
2 x fat quarter fabrics
Button or buttons if you’d like to decorate it more
1 metre of thin ribbon
Handsewing needle & contrasting thread

Plus your sewing kit including: Sewing machine, scissors, tailors chalk, thread, pins

Download the pattern by clicking here

Download the PDF instructions here

Use 0.5 to 1cm seam allowances throughout this project.

Step 1: Print out the pattern above and cut 4 x pieces as indicated on the pattern. 2 x outer and 2 x lining. Always cut with right sides together!

Step 2: Place the 2 x smaller pieces with right sides together and sew together along the top (the dashed line on the pattern.) Then open up the seam so both fabrics are on opposite sides of the fold and press open.

Step 3: Take 1 of the larger pieces of stocking shape (the lining) and lay it on top and in line with the small  piece that is also the lining. Lay these with right sides together, pin down the side edges and sew around the edges from the seam line around to the other seam line  ** leave a gap off side of the centre bottom around 5 cm wide**

Step 4: Do the same again with the other large piece (the outer fabric) lay in line with the small piece outer fabric, sew together from stich line around to stitch line and no need to leave a gap this time!

Step 5:  You now have 3 sides (a little box at the top) remaining. Take your ribbon and cut a piece that is double the size of your button. Fold the fabric in half and slide it into the middle of the top centre line (so you have a folded over tounge poking out!)

Step 6: Pin around the remaining 3 sides including the ribbon and sew it up

Step 7: NOTCH NOTCH NOTCH!! make little cuts in the seams all around the curves being careful not to go over your lovely seams! Then you can turn it all through and press flat, and if youre happy, sew up the hole inside.

Step 8: Take the remaining ribbon, fold in half and create a handle for the top. Hand sew this ribbon into the side seams to the side of the top flap

Step 9: Sew your button in place so the ribbon on the top flap will catch it and hold it all in place!

Step 10: Press it all flat and hang with pride or fill it with goodies for a secret santa, or hang it from your mantle!

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