Facebook live with Hobbycraft


I had a fantastic day with all my lovely friends over at Hobbycraft HQ on Tuesday 9th Jan. We met up for filming during the day and at 4pm the lovely David Westman and myself hosted a Facebook Live!
I was making the velcro pencil case as seen in the video, and while doing this, David went on to chat all things sewing and ask me some of the ‘Big Sewing Questions’ that have been coming through.. Much fun and laughter was had – you can watch the live video above.

If you’d like to see the full step by step guide to the purse you can check it out here:

How to make a fabric pencil case with velcro

There are lots of my makes on the Hobbycraft blog too!

What’s the best stitch to use when sewing stretch fabric?

Well, as many of you know, I am a big fan of jersey and stretch. From making leggings to stretchy tops I have taught many classes and my biggest love is the walking foot!

In this video below I talk about stretch fabric in advance of the The Great British Sewing Bee Live event. I do hope this video helps with some of your questions. I’d love to help more and if you wish to ask any more questions then do fill in the form: https://goo.gl/forms/zRZlmJJASzBNyW0q1

What’s a good sewing project for a beginner?

Woweee – well a good sewing project for a beginner is something that will get you going but not too much that you want to throw your machine out the window!

Start off with some fat quarters (LOVE FAT QUARTERS!)

and try your hand at these fab projects:-

I’ve lost my sewjo, how do I get it back?

I actually love this question asked on the Hobbycraft list, I have this come up time and time again within my own world and I hear it often in amongst the sewing world, I loved it being described as a sewjo so I have decided to use that wonderful phrase too!