Y O G A   F O R   K I D S  &  T E E N S
Tuesday: 4 pm
@ Burnside Community Centre
Mindful Practices for young folk.

We move with Yoga Asana to increase positivity & confidence, building concentration skills and strengthening growing bodies. 

We weave to calm the mind and meditate to tie it all together one thread at a time. 

Online Yoga Practices straight to your Inbox. 

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Meditation to soothe the mind


The Postures!


‘do no harm’ to yourself, others, in your thoughts, feelings and actions. We bring ourselves to a peaceful place with ‘non-stealing’ of another’s or indeed your own peaceful state.


Breath is everywhere, it is what we use every day to live but are we really breathing consciously?


The ancient texts bring us so much wisdom


Most of all its what we take home with us that counts.

Libby Rose is a traditionally trained Hatha Yoga instructor 500hr

 YTT Trained by her teachers in both philosophy and Asana at Shanti Mandir Ashram, situated in Magod, Gujarat, India.

500hr Yoga Teacher Training, India Immersion

Yoga Psychology & Meditation
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
Applied Ayurveda

Please bring:-
Yoga Mat
Yoga Block
Cotton handtowel or bathmat that can be rolled up tight (see picture) not a fluffy or boubley one!
Yoga Strap

Some or all of the above can be supplied so please let me know if you do not have: yogisewing@gmail.com