FRIDAY     7    –   8am

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UPSTAIRS @ M O A N A   H A L L – 54 Nashwauk Crescent, Moana 5169
Entrance up the side stairs close to the caravan park entrance

A journey into a morning Y O G I C practice through

Libby Rose & Tina  would love to welcome you into a deep Yogic practice Friday mornings at 7am.
We explore asana through the subtle body as Tina leads the chant of Sūrya Namaskāra accompanied by harmonium.
The benefits of such practices are unmeasurable .

EASE into the day with a morning yoga practice.
This course is designed to release built up tension in the joints, the bones & the cells of the body.
 To awaken the physical body and to soften the whirring of the ‘morning mind.’

If you are struggling with establishing a morning movement routine, consider joining this course to assist with enhancing or creating a daily practice and awaken each day to the bliss that a traditional YOGA practice can unfold.

“No sun outlasts its sunset, but will rise again and bring the dawn.”
 Maya Angelou

This course is a steady pace of Asana, Pranayama, meditative movement & Yoga Nidra. I invite you to welcome this group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices as an ongoing morning discipline. 

Saluting the sun first thing in the morning gives us the chance to R E A L L Y awaken.

In these sessions we will dive deeply into this spiritual practice step by step with the mantra and bring other postures and disciplines into the practice.

SŪRYA NAMASKĀRA to begin your day with spirit and light.
With our E N T I R E being we salute the sun and all that it represents, in our world, in ourselves and onwards – creating that ‘RIPPLE’ to all sentient beings.  We move with the breath as an important part of the flow and each movement corresponds to a mantra – these mantras are soothing to the mind and can even start to move this in to more of a meditative experience. 

It is my intention that you will enjoy and embrace these weekly sessions
as much as I have putting this together for you.

Libby Rose is a traditionally trained
Hatha Yoga instructor 500hr YTT.
Trained by her teachers in both philosophy and Asana at Shanti Mandir Ashram, situated in Magod, Gujarat, India.

500hr Yoga Teacher Training, India Immersion –
Shanti Mandir  –  Shantarasa Yoga 

Yoga Psychology & Meditation – Shantarasa Yoga
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training – Shantarasa Yoga
Applied Ayurveda – 70hr Certification Training with Dr VIkas Mali
Kids Yoga Instructor Certification – (YOGAKIDS SA!)
Ongoing training: – 300 hours Ayurvedic Studies:
 ‘Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant.’ VAMADEVA SHASTRI –
SUBTLE BODY – Shantarasa Yoga –
YOGA CHIKITSA – Shantarasa Yoga

Ongoing Practice – Shantarasa Yoga – Kirtan and Satsang, Regular Chant & Seva

Equipment to bring (if you have any of these):-
Yoga Mat, Yoga Block, Blanket
Cotton handtowel or bathmat that can be rolled up tight (see picture) not a fluffy or boubley one!
Yoga Strap, Cushion
A smile 🙂 and an open heart / mind xx

Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 16 reviews)
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Rated 5 out of 5
22 September 2023

Authenticity is so important in connecting the physical and subtle bodies through breath. In Libby’s yoga asana classes, this connection is able to be experienced – in movement, in breath.. in each moment. Libby will skilfully guide you to a healthful, nourishing practice! 🙏🏼💖🧘🏼

Avatar for Tina

Yoga with heart

Rated 5 out of 5
1 July 2023

Really enjoying my twice weekly class with Libby Rose. Great expertise and sound guidance with explanation as we work through a carefully planned routine each time. Nurturing for both Body and Soul.

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Rated 5 out of 5
4 May 2023

Quality instruction, beautiful setting with flowers and candles, challenging poses but always working within one’s own comfort zone. Words of wisdom. Peaceful savasana to conclude. I always feel well physically stretched and mentally relaxed after class.

Avatar for Jennifer Gardner
Jennifer Gardner

Do yoga with Libby - it’s amazing!

Rated 5 out of 5
29 April 2023

I’ve been attending yoga classes with Libby Rose for nearly two years and have found them beneficial for both my physical and mental health. Libby is a very welcoming, genuine, and experienced yoga teacher. She gives clear instructions and lots of options for people of varying capability. She creates a beautiful ambience at her classes with flowers and traditional decorations. Her classes provide a rich experience for a healthy body, mind and spirit. Her commitment to a peaceful, loving existence for all is supported by her introduction of a monthly chant which she conducts along with friends from the broader yoga community. I would recommend Libby’s classes to anyone interested in trying yoga for the first time or picking it up again after a break.

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