TUESDAY 2pm – 3.15pm
FRIDAY 10- 11.15am

You are welcome to register your space via email: misslibyrose@gmail.com, or simply turn up on the day. 
Cost: $8 a class – tickets of 10 are available for purchase

Payment is made at the Community Centre
desk on arrival. 
Please also click below to fill in the Registration form so I can know you a bit better and we can practice together in a safe, blissful, inclusive manner. 


These sessions are a journey together into a traditional Hatha Yoga Practice where we create the tools to soothe the mind, elevate confidence in self & others and to gain inner (and outer) strength to deal with the everyday.  I would love to share with you this journey on the yogic path and join together in a steady pace of Asana, Pranayama, meditative movement & Yoga Nidra.

You are welcome to join a little earlier and gather to chant.
From around 915 am we gather for the Gayatri Mantra.
– 108 cycles – 


You can join (printed words are available) or sit in silence and enjoy the chant – or simply prepare yourself for class while the chant is on.

“Traditionally, the mantra is repeated silently.

However, if you prefer, it may be chanted softly aloud. If it’s comfortable, when reciting the Gayatri, effortlessly visualize the sun’s rays streaming forth into the world, entering your heart, then streaming out from your heart’s center, sending blessings to the world.”


Traditional Yoga Asana is a non forceful and non judgemental practice. We meet each other where we are at today to find our time of peace and to give thanks for this grace to spend time together. 


Libby Rose is a traditionally trained Hatha Yoga instructor 500hr YTT.

Trained by her teachers in both philosophy and Asana at Shanti Mandir Ashram, situated in Magod, Gujarat, India:

500hr Yoga Teacher Training, India Immersion

Yoga Psychology & Meditation
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
Applied Ayurveda

If you wish to you can bring:-
Yoga Mat
Yoga Block
Cotton handtowel or bathmat that can be rolled up tight (see picture) not a fluffy or boubley one!
Yoga Strap