M I N D F U L – C  R E A T I V E – P E A C E

An amalgamation of yoga techniques with the mindful process of creativity for kids and teens.

Teachings include the fundamental principles of yoga blended with creativity that is uncovered during the practice.

We work through yoga postures to create a calming space. 

The kids learn to slow down to appreciate the peace, and are then guided into a short weaving project.

Followed by meditation to end the class.
T H I S   I S   Y O G A

3.45 – 4.30pm  AGE: 7-12  &
4.45 – 5.30pm: AGE -TEENS 
 PRICE: $8     –   OR $56 FOR 7 WEEKS   
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(Please allow a little extra time if you are paying cash
on the day to register at the desk)

Each week towards the end of the yoga class – we use a mini (peg loom style) loom with recycled fabric ‘strips’ in a variety of colours or indeed minimalist ‘single’ colours.
(The peg loom is not like this one pictured but similar!)

We create a woven square / rectangle,  we weave a bit each week that is then linked together and sewn into a ‘meditation mat’ .
Further exploration into this process will create a bigger mat or even as long as a yoga mat in time

The thought behind this simple process of weaving ‘ a little bit at the time’
is to get away from this notion of ‘quick creativity’
We learn that a slow, steady practice of both yoga (asana – postures) and weaving
can help to ease a busy mind and create peace within and out.

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