Absolute Beginners Sewing Class

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Absolute Beginners Sewing Class NEXT BEGINNERS SEWING EVENING CLASS IS  6:30 – 8:30pm on January 18th 2017 @…

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Absolute Beginners Sewing Class

NEXT BEGINNERS SEWING EVENING CLASS IS  6:30 – 8:30pm on January 18th 2017 @ Mycenae House
Absolute beginners class & make a very cool reversible tote bag with Appliqué

Mycenae House: 90 Mycenae Rd, London SE3 7SE

We will go through everything you need to learn in ‘sewing for beginners’ including all the basics of the sewing machine. With handouts provided so you can carry on at home,  we will also make a reversible tote bag with appliqué or a reversible purse / bag using fabrics of your choice! The ‘Sewing for Beginners Class’ are always kept small in size (so we can get the most out of the session)

This is a 2-hour one-event sewing class for Adults who are Beginners or wanting a refresher. Miss Libby Rose will guide you through the following in this beginners sewing class:-

Technical support: Threading up the machine, tension, bobbins, needles and feet. All that you will need to get sewing.  This will show you all the ins and outs of the sewing machine, there are 5 machines to choose from so you can use a machine best suited to you and your capability… Most of all in these classes – have fun and make  something fabulous!

Sewing Techniques :- Handy techniques to use while sewing and manipulating the fabric in the machine. We will also look at easy ways to sew straight and keep to your guide!

Fabrics:  Different types of fabrics useful for simple craft projects

Pattern Layout: You will learn how to lay a pattern economically onto fabric, patterns on the fabric to face the desired way!

Cutting and Preparing: You will learn how to properly cut around the patterns so it doesn’t slip and pin and prepare your craft project so they can be sewn up quickly and correctly.

Sewing and Finishing: You will sew up your project, press and finish off neatly for a professional look..

All materials will be provided including fabrics, patterns and handouts for you to carry on at home plus any tips and hints..

This includes all materials and refreshments.

Do contact me if you would like more information. I look forward to seeing you soon xx