Sewing for Confidence – Inbetweeners

Level 2 – Sewing for Confidence:  Inbetweeners!

Welcome to level 2 of the Sewing for Confidence courses. This level is for you if you are not sure, If you’re a little bit beginners and a little bit intermediate. In this level we look at measuring up and creating a made to measure pattern and skirt while also discussing what feet are good to use on the machine, plus tips on the overlocker vs sewing machine. 

I know from experience that expressing your creativity through making is like medicine for the wellbeing of your mental health. So if you would like to experience more confidence, happiness and general wellbeing for 2018 and you like what you are reading on this page… then this course is for you!

This course can last the duration of 6 months if you like. You will be part of a ‘Sewing for Confidence’ club where we meet twice a month via the online portal zoom for Q&A to not only sew but to build confidence in you and in the ability to start new projects, cut into fabrics, start dressmaking projects – one sewing project at a time!

This course is ‘Sewing for Confidence: Inbetweeners’ where you pay as you go on a monthly basis to receive course content including video makes to your inbox, instructions and patterns by post, facebook live opportunities to get involved and more.

You can start the course whenever you like and pay your monthly subscription – you can carry on with the course you are on or upgrade to inbetweeners or intermediates at any time when the next section is set to start!

The online course is only part of where the magic happens!   You can post to our (very) private facebook group anytime with your makes, questions and everything! Then I will go live on Zoom on 1 x wednesday a month at 6pm and 1 x Saturday a month at 10am (this will usually be the middle weds and saturday of the month, with events pending – when I will let you know well in advance if the date needs to change)

Each month we focus on learning new techniques & get you clear & confident in each area.

  1. Overlocker vs Sewing machine & walking foot – feet needles stitches – we might start off at the technical end but it’s worth it!
  2. Made to measure skirt – learn to measure yourself and others, make a fully made to measure skirt that can be altered into a pencil, a-line or tulip 
  3. Made to measure top – sewing with jersey. We create a super cool jersey ‘slouch top’ made to your own measurements and sew it up with jersey fabric

    You get emails in advance of the LIVE sessions with all the content, videos and downloads so you are fully prepared in advance and you can do the ‘work’ at your own pace throughout the month. The online live group (via the online portal ZOOM) is where we discuss, needles, zips, feet, fabrics and get stuck into techniques.

You do not HAVE to be online for all of the dates of the live Q&A’s as these sessions will be recorded and shared (only within our very private facebook group and I will email you too if you’re not on facebook) so you can catch up later and watch again and again for anything you may have missed or want to try again.

Once you have booked your space on the course below you will be taken to a link so you can sign up to the very exclusive email list – this list is ONLY for the ‘Sewing for Confidence’ group and will ensure you have all the information you need. Some content might need to be delivered by post in which case I will arrange this with you individually. When you sign up please specify which of the three courses you are signing up to.

I cant wait to share this course with you – I promise you are gonna love it!


If you have any questions whatsoever do not hesitate to get in touch with me direct at:




2 x monthly group Q&A sessions

Our own private facebook group

Course content by email

Let's do this



2 x monthly group Q&A sessions

Our own private facebook group

Course content by post & email

Access to 2 x levels of your choice




2 x monthly group Q & A sessions

Our own private facebook group

Course content by post & email

Access to all 3 levels

1 x monthly one to one call

SEWING for Confidence courses

Sewing for Beginners

Each week we focus on learning new techniques & get you clear & confident in each area. We start by using & maintaining your machine, what needles, feet & stitches do we use for what?

sewing Inbetweeners

A little bit beginners, a little bit intermediates. the inbetweeners level is for those ‘inbetween’ I want to help you move your creative practice forward. I will show you an easy way to design and make a made to measure skirt, pattern hacks & more.. Let’s continue our journey together.. 

Sewing intermediates

This is where the magic happens. You know how to sew, you know all the basics and are pretty good at working things out for yourself (or most of the time anyway) and now you’d like a boost.. A boost to help you along, new ideas, creative flow, what is that strange foot for, and is an ovelocker really any good?  Well, welcome on board, this level is for you..