With a massive heavy heart, I am selling this beautiful Citroen H Van, which has been lovingly rebuilt to a high standard in 2016 by HVan World.  Imported from France, then living in Greenwich with me and enjoyed by so many, the body has been fully restored as have the mechanics, with new seats throughout and a fully functioning workshop with electrics professionally installed with the option of using a generator or hook up. 

The vehicle has been used for my business as a sewing teacher so it has a classroom at the rear that can comfortably sit 6 adults or 8 children. 
You can also add a marquee or annexe to the back or sides to add extra room (a marquee can be added to the package if you like!) 
I have driven her up and down the country smooth sailing with only minor hiccups and repairs on the way as you would expect in a vintage vehicle, but anything is easily repaired and the AA love her (i have always erred on the side of caution and often told that there was nothing to worry about, so you could say that since restoration this vehicle has had one very cautious and careful lady owner!)    

She runs smoothly and gets from A to B in a true stylistic fashion with many waves, toots and hurrahs on the way (always fun) 

Great eye catcher and brilliant business vehicle (could also be easily turned into a camper van, coffee van, etc if you like!) 

We have been on an amazing journey together (as you can see on this Hobbycraft Video!) 

I would love someone else to have her now and enjoy her for all that she can offer. 

This is an investment for someone to create a mobile version of an already established business or to start out mobile from scratch! I am open to ideas and if you would like to carry on with the business as I have been doing, I can offer advice, materials and the option of further contacts to do this. 

If you would like to get in touch to chat further on this investment, do please contact me:


The experience, the rewards, and the creativity are infectious to all those around this magical Pink Bus. 

It is so worth it for the right person / team, and I would appreciate your ideas on what you will be doing with her before we move further..  

For the right person or team, this is an investment of time, finance, and sometimes patience(!) but do also remember that this is an iconic vintage vehicle that has been fully restored and the price reflects this as well as an ongoing business (if you like) with introductions to suppliers,  followers and events. 

The other option, if you would prefer, you can have her as more or less a blank canvas for your own needs.

The original working title for the Sewing Bus was ‘Pink Bus Project.’ If you are interested in setting up a business as I have done and wanting to look further into my background with this, I could offer you an option to see ‘behind the scenes’ into my own journey. 
Here is one of the original plans when I was setting up the Pink Bus and it may spark your interest into how you could use it. It’s always great to start with a plan (although you never know what happens along the way and we cant always plan everything!) 

Aside from general teaching, further Services that I have been able to provide on the Pink Sewing Bus are:-

– Kids birthday parties, – Craft Hen Parties,  – Private workshops,  – Corporate ‘craft’ events, – Online classes & downloads

Plus of course you can sell your materials, services, and products from the hatch that opens on the side. It works just as well as a shop and I have used it this way as well.


Here are the original plans, and if you have been on board, I have not steered to far from this original plan.

I would love to hear from you with your ideas, story and passion for this. You can email your thoughts and to register your interest to:


I look forward to hearing from you, and would love to share this journey with you xx