Day 14: Design an apron for kids

Welcome to ‘make my day’ : 30 days of sewing sessions with Miss Libby Rose. xx  

Today I wanted to re-visit the apron pattern.
I was so inspired by the Vintage style apron video I created a few days ago, I decided to use the idea in my after school clubs this week. The young people (age 7 yrs +) were given an apron template to design, shape and style.

In this video I will show you how to create the apron template for your design and ideas on what can be done with the design. I hope you will enjoy this and be inspired to make and create.

I love love this project and I hope you will too! Perfect for a weekend project..
Make a cool apron for gardening or cooking – with appliqué and it can be fully reversible! how cool is that!

I hope you enjoy making this project as much as I do and please, please share the love on the facebook page or web..

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See you tomorrow xx