Why I’m going zero waste

So many of you may be wondering why the sudden movement in my business. Well I’d love to tell you that it’s not so sudden, in fact its being going for some time and the big change happened when I moved from London to the New Forest at the beginning of this year.

Firstly: The Bins! When i moved into my own little idyllic flat in the middle of seemingly nowhere (for me) I was told off by a sticky beak neighbour about the bins! I was just moving in and I had a lot of cardboard boxes going in to the shared recycling bins. I checked the days of collection on the council website and thought as we do to get it all in before the collection day. ANYWAY, this neighbour couldn’t help herself! Tapping on my door and not even bothering to be kind about it pulled me up on my rubbish and saying that I had put lots of black bin liners in the main bins too and she had taken them all out and kept them in storage to disperse over the weeks. I couldn’t believe 1) that she had gone through the bins and 2) blamed me! I immediately got my hecklers up and knocked on her door and said give me the rubbish and I will take it to the tip! (welcome to the neighbourhood) anyway to cut a long story short (and this was not even my rubbish by the way – the cardboard was but not the bin bags) I think it was the previous tenant or something! So, my mission was to drive around and find the closes tip and that made all sorts of problems as I am in my small work van – if id gone in the pink bus it would’ve been fine because that is classed as a camper and its ok! So this started the journey of country life, learning that you can’t disperse of rubbish easily, it all has to go somewhere and out here collections are every 2 weeks!

So this started me being very aware of my rubbish going and what was going in to the regular bin. Of course I have always been an avid recycler, but this was calling for more than that. This opened my awareness to not having all of this excess in the first place!

Excess is the word!

This opens up a whole can of worms for me and of course the fear of starting to talk about it and feeling the comeback of people looking into other parts of my life and ridiculing me for not ‘living it’ 24 / 7. I have strived to be brilliant at what i do, whether thats sewing, diy videos, etc, but now I am starting again. What I have learnt from reading blogs and literature on the subject that it is ok to take it slow. It is so much better to do what you can with you’ve got rather than nothing at all.. SO lets begin shall we?



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