This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.



Hello! and welcome to the latest news from the ‘Miss Libby Rose Makes’ posts.  I am so excited to have a brand new addition to the sewing rom to introduce to you!
Lucky for me I have been invited to work with Cricut using the absolutely stunning Cricut Maker, which I have been drooling over since it was first launched last year! Not only does it look beautiful BUT this machine is made specificially with us sewers at heart (which is great!)  
I would love for you to join me in this journey as I delve into learning all about this machine where new possibilities and wonderful sewing projects are calling!  
I am loving the experience of mixing this technology into the sewing room and I hope you will too! xx

Upon opening the box and unveiling this machine, the first thing to catch your eye is the sleek design, the rounded edges, and the soft touch of the machine. You know from these first steps that this is no ordinary piece of kit!
The box labelled ‘Let’s get Started’ has all you need to know to get going with detailed instructions, links and pieces of kit for the machine.  Once you are all plugged in and ready to go, that is where the magic starts to happen.   

As I was talking earlier about how great the online tutorials that Cricut offer are, I thought I’d pop this one in here all about the Cricut Maker so you can check out any of the bits that I missed and may well be very exciting for you. 

There is so much you can do with card, paper, leather, vinyl, the materials are vast! So don’t let my talk about fabrics stop you from delving into all the other features. 

Check out this video for more…

The wonderful joy for me is the ‘Fabric Grip Cutting Mat.’ This mat has been created for use with fabrics only.  The other cutting mats available are for ‘standard grip’ or ‘light grip’ but for me, the clincher is the fabric one. The fabric just glides on to it and I only had to do a few little ‘flattens’ with the ‘scraper tool’ to iron out any bumps. 

In the past, when using a cutting machine, you would always need to back your fabrics with a form of interfacing before they could go the machine. Now with the specific design of this textile mat, you simply need to iron your fabric flat and it’s as if it floats into place!

Top tips for using these mats: 
– Always keep the plastic shield to hand and pop it back on when not in use – this will stop everyday fluff (like dog, cat hair, dust etc) getting on to the mat.

– Iron your fabric flat before using.

– Use the scraper tool or purchase the brayer tool to flatten down fabrics on to the mat. This will stop any buckling.

– Also use the scraper tool to clean off any debris from your mat after use (pesky loose threads and fluff!)

Check out this help page on the cricut website! THESE ARE SOME AMAZING TIPS! 


The next part of the machine that makes my heart sing is the rotary cutting tool. When you watch the star being cut out in the video at the top of this post, you can see how flawless it cuts through the cotton fabric to make such a precise cut. I personally find that no mean feat! 

The rotary cutter has been designed specifically for us fabric peeps, and this is one of the specific reasons I am taking on this challenge of working with the cricut maker, i believe there are so many possibilities to use this technology, wonderful resources and beautifully designed tools to bring my sewing practice up to another level, and I hope that you will be inspired to do the same. 

A star is born!

I wanted to choose a super simple cut to show you the first workings on this cutting journey. A star is something that I often find myself fiddling with by hand with delicate scissors or a small rotary cutter. In all my years of teaching, I still haven’t found a quick, efficient way to cut stars, and when you have 50 to cut before a workshop it can indeed become quite tedious!

In the video, I show you how you can set the mat, pop the fabric on and press send! Its as easy as that. Of course, in future posts I want to get a lot more technical than this, but for now, a star is born and I cant wait to do more!

I wish you so much joy on your crafting journey, and I would love to hear from you with ideas on what you would like to see me make next with the Cricut Maker, your thoughts on this post, or even just some encouragement to get me going with the next stages of delving into this wonderful world that blends sewing and technology beautifully.

Look forward to hearing from you soon, and see you for the next instalment  xx



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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