Sewing with the wives and the #sewingtour begins!

This weeks adventures took me along to the Woldingham Wives group to give a talk on sewing to a wonderful group of women who meet once a month.  My lovely friend Norma Vondee (mosaic artist) had put my name forward and I felt so honoured to be a part of this lovely group for the day. I decided to base my talk around the Pink Bus (obvs!!) and discuss the meaning of why I set up this travelling sewing workshop and my sense for using sewing as a mindful tool.  I explained how the big reason I love teaching is actually not just about teaching the skills of sewing & craft (which I do love) I wanted to make a point that it actually isn’t about the sewing…

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and the same theme runs throughout: confidence in oneself and in ones ability! I have taught in childrens centres, housing associations, community centres, childrens parties, adults hen parties, and the list goes on… What i see is a transformation…. it’s about sitting in a group and using the tools of sewing to create a space to talk openly and wholeheartedly in a safe and fun space.   People feel more inclined to chat and feel better when there hands are busy doing an activity.   It fills my heart with joy that I am starting to hear more and more involvement in crafts into the health sector.   I believe that Sewing is indeed a mindful practice and I am using the Pink Sewing Bus as a tool to get people on board to spread this message.

The vision was and still is to open up to a wide audience and to create even more of a community spirit especially within hard to reach areas.  I started this blog and called it ‘Sewing Stories’ and this is aimed at expanding community knowledge, showing how joining in with art and craft together brings out stories, and I am currently in the looong process of writing a book that is dedicated to telling these stories and inspiring others that Sewing is indeed a mindful activity.

Another tool for this is the fabulous embroidery machine courteous of Janome, I have been embroidering empowering and fun slogans into the sewing projects. Everyone from Kids to Adults can choose a quirky slogan such as ‘happy heart’ to make lavender heart bunting or even ‘singing in the rain’ on a purse. These small offerings as part of a class are there to spread this message plus as a prompt and conversation starter.

I also love to use the hashtag #sewingmakesyousmile on social media, so do use this in your practice if sewing does make you smile – not only from the outside but from within!

I had a lovely time starting the Hobbycraft Store visits last week in Woking. If you’d like to join me on the Pink Bus for a lovely price of £10 a session plus a £5 Hobbycraft voucher to spend in store… do check out the full listings here:

Reasons to be cheerful:
1. Giving the talk to a great response and spreading my message!

2. Pink Bus Birthday coming up… Turning 1 (more details in another post when confirmed)

3. #sewingmakesyousmile


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