Sewing for Confidence #win

Hello and welcome to Wednesday #win newsletter

What a week of snow and fun at the Knitting and Stitching Show, but now that has finished and all our bags are unpacked it’s time to look forward to… ‘Sewing for Confidence’ 

There’s been a few questions that have come through asking questions about the course..

  1. Q: After the six weeks are completed, do we still have access to any video content, or is the £95 fixed to the six weeks only?
    A: YES! all the content is yours to keep, the only thing that is restricted to the 6-weeks is the facebook group. You can still access the group but no answers or live’s after the 6-weeks
  2. Q: Can I have a discount if I want to book on more than 1 of the ‘Sewing for Confidence’ courses?
    A: I would love to offer that! at the moment the first set of courses are all on sale at around half price! So at this stage I cant offer more discounts, but its always worth asking 🙂
  3. Q: If we get stuck outside the timings – can we get help?
    A: Yes for sure, that’s what the Facebook group is for, and I will be checking these as much as I can and hopefully be able to reply swiftly!

If you have more questions on this course, please do send them through, these help others as well as you!

And now for the Wednesday #win!
I am very, very excited to be offering 1 free space on the Sewing for Confidence course. You can choose the Beginners, Inbetweeners or Intermediates

To enter simply reply here or post on facebook why you’d like to join the course.

The lucky Winner will be announced on Sunday!

See you then,

Libby xx

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