Mental Health Awareness Week: Grass isn’t Greener

Todays theme is one I know many of us battle with every day and in this modern age of ‘perfect pintrest sewing rooms’ &  ‘Instagram lifestlyle’ it’s harder than ever to not be affected by the ‘Grass is greener’ syndrome.

I would so love to hear your thoughts on this and see how you overcome it on a daily basis and what you do to bring yourself ‘back to you’..

I know, in my own case I am very ‘different’ and always have been. Most people would find this fun and a bit quirky but I do battle with it too. I remember as a child my mum (quite rightly) would say ‘you dont want to be like everyone else’ and I did find it hard then.
Sometimes you just dont want to stand out, or be different, having different viewpoints, always questioning – why? why must we do it that way? and why not? why can’t we do this, this way?
Then there’s the biggie: not always wanting to follow the same path as everyone else, which would in most cases be so much easier!

My family are all very creative, so we always stood out at parties (esspecially with the flamboyance of the 80’s)  and I know that sometimes I just wanted to ‘fit in’ or to buy clothing from the shops like everyone else.. Now, I wouldn’t change a thing and do totally appreciate all that was offered to me in life. To be taught sewing and design from a very young age makes me who I am today..

The way I always bring myself back to me is to go back to yesterdays post and take myself out of the situation. If I feel a bit overwhelmed (or even underwhelmed) taking a break and doing something I love will bring me back to loving and accepting who I am and my space in the world..

So, if you want to share your story and how you overcome this, do get in touch!

With love and happiness in being you..

Libby x

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