Mental Health Awareness Week: Do something you love!

On day 2 of mental health awareness week, I’d love to talk about doing something you love!

For me, that totally means emersing myself in creating, designing and sewing.
I will go back to talking about the ‘donk’ on my head alst weekend and being told by the A&E Nurse that I shouldn’t do ANYTHING to stimulate my brain too much.
So this meant: No television, no computer, no phone, no reading, and my mouth just dropped – I joked with her ‘So what do I do while I’m resting?’  I guess I have taken the weekend to ponder this and I thought to myself ‘even when I’m resting, I’m still doing!’  sounds simple but I think this was an A-HA moment for me, what an insight!

So, I did find a way and actually listened to audio books

If you’re looking for a good read and haven’t read it yet may I suggest this book (pic to the left) and many thanks to one of my gorgeous students for putting me on to it!’

Then I finally rested so much that I actually sucummed to my old friend meditation – but more on that in another post.

SO, the theme for todays post and one of the techniques posted on the mental health awareness site is to ‘Do something you’re good at’ Enjoying yourself can help beat stress.. I would love to hear what you do to help beat stress and in particular if it’s related to sewing & craft and how you use this as a tool to overcome a stressy day or week!

I finally decided to, while resting, get some simplicity patterns out that I was meaning to cut out for ages. As these are projects that I am planning to sew and wear myself they often get put on the bottom of the pile, which is actually quite sad when I think of it!  So, while this wasnt going to stretch my brain too much, I decided to cut out all the pattern pieces I needed. So, surrounded by tissue paper patterns and excess pieces I was soon as hapy as a piggy in mud!

I do love to wave the flag that #sewingmakesyousmile and I do love to use my craft (sewing) as a tool for a more happier self and helping to beat stress. This is why I also do not EVER push my students to make things perfect. I think perfection is a myth! esspecially in the sewing and craft world.

We are all put on this earth with our own quirks & talents. Some of us are more refined than others and I urge you to give sewing & craft a go – whatever it is from making a shirt / skirt / trousers or a mini purse with a zip – go for it and love your results no matter what!

Check out my youtube channel if you’re stuck for ideas:

Sending you lots of joy & happiness today, and check back with me tomorrow in the sewing stories section of my blog for another post in celebration of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

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