There’s something very special about waking up early in the morning, even before the sun has risen to give thanks for another beautiful day to come, and start a daily practice, just for you. There are many other factors that can take precedence in our lives,  and often before you know it, you turn around and think: ‘when did I last do something purely for myself?’ It’s certainly not being selfish,  it’s honouring and nurturing you, because hey, if you don’t look after yourself, how will you ever be able to look after anyone else?   

Over the last 8 days, I have immersed myself into a practice of self care and self love. This has involved carrying on with Kundalini in a new environment and deepening my level of awareness of this, while also learning some new gorgeous practices. 

So, why eight days?    In numerology (I am no expert, I just love to look at these things!) I worked out my number for 2019, which is a number 8.  If you want to work out your Numerology Number for this year, there’s loads of websites to help you do it, but here’s a little low-down Add your birth date + birth month + 3 (3 is the universal number for the year 2019)  ~ Then create that into a single figure between 1 and 9   ~   Mine is 20th March, 20+03+3 = 26 so I add together 2+6 to get that single figure = 8   

And that number seemed to stick and work! So every morning for the past 8 days, I have risen at 5am (ok they started a little later on Sat & Sun, but still early!)  and cycled my way over to Kundalini House in Melbourne’s Fitzroy North District.

After getting a little flight from Adelaide to Melbourne on Tuesday late afternoon, I finally got to my AirBnB in the evening, and after sleeping in an unknown environment, busy area (that I haven’t been used to since living in London proper) I had a bit of a roughs night sleep and really struggled with the thought of going in on the first day, excuses can come from everywhere… Ohhh I have a headache, I haven’t hired my bike yet, my public transport card needs to be topped up and post office doesn’t open till 9… then something came over me, before I knew it I was in my whites and in an Uber to Kundalini House… NO MORE EXCUSES! 

Day 1: I did stumble in a little late after the warm up was finished, I felt very raw, like first day at school, but I had this, I have been going to Kundalini classes & practicing for 8 months now, and I can do it (just take it easy and go with the flow) I was able to slip into class and before I knew it fell into the rhythm. So glad I made it, and so glad I stayed. One Kundalini class down I then decided to stay for the next few classes too. I didn’t want to be overloaded with classes, but knew in myself that anything i tried I could keep to my own pace. Everyone was so welcoming, both teachers and students alike that day I ended up doing: Kundalini (1hr) QiGong (1 Hr) Yin Flow Yoga (1hr) & Yoga Nidra ( 45 mins bliss meditation)

Wow! what a day that was, and how well I slept, the dreams started to flow and for once in such a long time I started to feel ‘connected to my body again. Like an old friend that’s been waiting for me. I thought I had done the work, and done the work ,a dan agin, done the work(!!) but there is always so much further we can progress and learn about ourselves, and in amongst all of this we are always changing. So taking some time for yourself on a daily / weekly / monthly basis can be full of surprises, there are things going on, moving, changing and energies shifting. If you have look inside you may be surprised that you never knew you had in you!

As the days progressed, it was easier to bounce out of bed, be in my whites or half whites and out on the bike cycle path before i knew it, some mornings were beautiful sunrises and some were dark till i got there, no matter what I made it to those 8 days, and pushed through any boundaries. I wasn’t pushing my body, no way, I don’t believe in that, and not now I am over 40! I was just listening and working through the resistance of mind chatter that of course carried on in some form over the 8 days, but we made friends and politely asked my mind chatter to keep it down while I was immersed in my practice, and we could chat later, I think she was ok with that because she certainly settled herself down and I was able to have some amazing experiences… 

I was brand new to the QiGong practice, and was able to go to 3 classes to learn the very basics, and i did indeed get to feel the heat of Qi energy between my hands!

So then we look at the Hatha yoga, this was my most resistant one to try, but as with everything, go to 1 class and the ‘showing up – on the mat’ can only be ‘easier’ from there. I have such a block with traditional yoga and all the poses. I practiced Iyenger for a long time in my 20’s and loved it, these days my body moves differently and i find it very challenging to turn up! BUT happily  not anymore! I was able to explain my nervousness to a few of the teachers and I was on a roll at my own pace in no time!

So each day, I practiced between 2 and 4 classes a day, blissful meditations, some hardcore Kundalini, Hatha with lots of gentleness in between. SO my question to you now is – what would you do if you made time? Or have you made time? Maybe you’ve done this tenfold? Id love to hear your experiences. Theres always a way, no matter what, theres a way. 

I was looking for a retreat, for someone to lay out everything I wanted on a plate and say ‘here you go’ but with a bit of research i managed to find my own style of retreat, and have found a wonderful community of teachers, facilitators, and fellow ‘journeyers’ on the way, all in 8 days. This will always stay in my heart. Even though I am moving on to Sydney tomorrow I don’t think this is goodbye to KH yet, theres more for me there, so time will tell!

For now I wish you lots of love, and do get in touch on Facebook or Insta with your thoughts or insights. I have so much more to say, but I will sign off for now xx SAT NAM xx