Yoga Blog: Joint Release Practices

Some to try…

Joint Release Practices are a wonderfully beneficial addition to your daily home practice.

We can all experience joint stiffness at some point in our days/ lives moments so practicing these somewhat ‘simple’ movements can assist to create ease in both the body and mind.

This one I like to call ‘stirring the pot’ you can be sitting in sukasana or with legs stretched and open.
These seemingly ‘simple’ practices and movements can create much ‘joint freedom’ and bring ease, stability and strength to life and to your Asana Practice.



Shrugging shoulders!
Sit in kneeling position (Vajrasana) and find your comfort.
On an inhale raise both shoulders high up to your ears
On an exhale make a sigh (ahhhh) or a big exhale sound and release (you can do this through the mouth or nose).
Maybe add a little smile..

After around 5 times rest hands down on to thighs and find your stillness once again.