How to sew a button-up wallet!

In this sewing class we are making a cute ‘button-up wallet’ with a huge button from my friends at Hobbycraft.

Watch the video here and check out the written instructions below.


1st things first… gather up your materials:

2 x fat quarter pieces (clashy or matchy) one for lining and one for outside

Hand sewing needle and thread

1 x Button – i have used these cool extra large buttons from Hobbycraft

sewing machine


one-step button hole foot

stitch ripper


Take 2 x fat quarter pieces and cut length-ways any size and width you like as long as they are the same size

Lay with right sides together and sew with a 0.5 seam allowance the top and bottom smallest edges

now you have a tube – lay the 2 sewn edges with right sides together

Pull up the top layer of the top fat quarter as shown in the video making sure the flap is at least as wide as the button.

Sew around the squares up to the seam line, again as shown in the video, leaving a 1-2″ gap on the side you are using for the lining.

Lastly sew around the top flap.

Pull the whole piece through to the right side using the whole you left in the lining, push out your corners using the chop stick and push the lining into the outer fabric.

Press and sew on your button and button-hole as shown in the video.

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