How do you know when you’re home, and what exactly is home to you?

Often we will go home (or not go home) for Christmas, New Years or for a family occassion, this has made me ponder lately,  what exactly is home, what does it mean to you anyway? and does it matter and why does it or not?  

As you probably know from this blog and my social media pages, on December the 4th 2018,I made a journey across the seas from England to Australia (London to Adelaide to be specific!) after spending almost 21 years in each country. SO what exactly is home after you spend so much time building a ‘home’ in both countries?   

I felt really drawn to write this blog post after receiving two text messages in one day, one from a friend stating ‘It’s so lovely to have you ‘home”’ and then by a relative-in-law stating “‘We must meet up again before you go back ‘home’..” This is so interesting and I wonder if you have ever felt to ponder on this topic?


On the definition of ‘HOME’ The Oxford Dictionary says:

The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.”

Wikipedia says:

“A home, or domicile, is a living space used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for an individual, familyhousehold or several families in a tribe. It is often a houseapartment, or other building, or alternatively a mobile homehouseboatyurt or any other portable shelter. A principle of constitutional law in many countries, related to the right to privacy enshrined in article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights[1] is the inviolability of the home as an individual’s place of shelter and refuge.”

Then we can look to popular culture for some advice.. Paul Young states: 

“Wherever I lay my hat that’s my home” 

The gorgeously fun toe tapping song by Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros states 

“Ahh Home. Let me go home. Home is wherever I’m with you. Ahh Home. Let me go ho-oh-ome. Home is where I’m alone with you.”

Now I am back in Adelaide with family and friends and certainly a different person than I was back then I am a mix with emotions and those can take you over. 


When I arrived in Australia, I had an overwhelming sensation of memories as the aroma wafting through the air coming from the heat and eucalyptus off the gum trees. Walking through the wilderness with gum nuts on the ground and of course the pain of (like the lego pain but this is gum nut pain) of walking around with no shoes on. The leaves on the trees were swaying my memories in time of being a child in Australia. The angst of walking to the school bus stop with my sister, happier days running through the forests & hills on sunny days,  even the days of sitting with mates in later teenage years drinking tea and pondering on the many wonders of life and what we wanted from our futures….

And then there are the birds. I love birds and as I’ve got older I appreciate these little guys so much, from all over the world, birds bring you a fondness to where you are. From starlings to storks, kingfishers to kookaburra‘s  I am sure that wherever you are in the world you have a bird that takes you back to ‘home’  

Being woken up with bird song has got to be one of the best ways to wake in the morning.  Ok, so maybe not this one to wake you up, but Gala is a love / hate bird over here. They are very noisy and are dotted about everywhere, but I love them! Pinks and greys and the big bellowing sound of  “Chet Chet” when flying around in the wild, such a clever bird which can learn to talk and imitate people’s voices.

Galah” is also Aussie slang, meaning to be a fool or a clown.  The phrase: ‘flaming Galah’ has become known worldwide thanks to ‘Alf Stewart’ of Home and Away whilst he over-uses the term when someone has wound him up or done something silly in the show. 


Then my story blog comes to an end as it has to, otherwise I would never publish this! 

Meeting up with dear friends and then taking a sunset stroll along the beach in Semaphore with a mutual ‘thinker & ponderer’ such as I, and I put the question to her..

What exactly is home, and the thought came up that does it really matter? and I guess it really doesnt, and really all home is, is what works for you now.

So home is where you create a nest, home is where you and your love are, or your cat, dog, pet is. Home is where your Mum or Dad is, home is where the birds sing, in fact Home is wherever you feel home to be right now and hey this could change tomorrow, next week or never..

In love and light, I share with you this beautiful sunset and a memory of a sunset beach stroll.. See you next time!