#GBSBLive! Instagram story take-over with Miss Libby Rose

What a fun day taking over the Great British Sewing Bee Live! Instagram today… despite any technical hitches I had a ball!

Story 1: Welcome to Greenwich riverside, it’s so lovely to start the day by the river which is just around the corner from my house. Even if Elliot the Pug is a little ‘bark-a-lot’ it still starts my day off with the peace and serenity that only water and being on the river can bring to me. So here’s a little Hello video from me…

Story 2: After my morning swim and walks, let’s get the bus all set up for a day of sewing. Here’s a little intro to my world of sewing and the Pink Sewing Bus. As I am on video today there’s no need to set up all the machines as I normally would for a day of teaching – today is all about cameras, lighting, my nearest and dearest sewing machines – oh and the pug when he chooses to join me 🙂

Instagram posts:

Story 3: After a lunch break and walks again I am back on the bus with some fun embroidery and words of wisdom from me! I am here to tell you about the other classes I am doing including the Simplicity Pattern Hack!
Plus I am setting up the embroidery machine to show you how it’s done – don’t forget #sewingmakesyousmile!

Story 4: We are looking at the Janome Embroidery machine:  Memorycraft 350e and making some fabulous embroidery words on fabric.

#sewingmakesyousmile #embroidery

Story 5: A little goodbye from me! we finish off our embroidery and chat about my next Facebook Live event for the @theGBSBLIVE event! See my post 1st September all about stretch!

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