As time goes on we start to see and perceive life with different eyes. What was once easy is now a struggle and what was once a struggle is now actually quite easy.
We grow, we love, we have new experiences and slowly we make new judgements on things. 

To quote a Talk Talk song…

‘Life’s what we make it:    Celebrate it,  Anticipate it,   Yesterday’s faded,  Nothing can change it,  Life’s what you make it

So, with these thoughts in mind, I threw caution to the wind and agreed to spend the day on a ‘treetop walk’ with my Mum, at first it seemed like a fun idea. We were harnessed up and shown a video on safety and how to use the Caberra and clips that are all linked into our harnesses. So with helmets on we started the walk up some stairs and into the course….

High trees and swooping birds surrounded us as we limbered our way onto the course. The first part (above) was reasonably easy as we were surrounded by a net and although it felt quite high being swung between trees, taking it step by step was quite fun, and even better when you can encourage each other along the way..

As the course goes on my heart started racing and it felt so high between these trees, that is when it’s time to believe in a force higher than you, to trust that many have done the course before and many will do so after you. To trust that they have built the course safely, these ancient gum trees are there to support you and just let go (well don’t let go, but you know what I mean!) you can start to release yourself to the universe. 


Life’s is indeed what you make it. You can choose to climb the tree, walk through the door, or say hello to the stranger. Whatever it is you do today, I ask you to feel the fear and do it anyway. Trust your gut, trust your instinct and do something today that scares you. Hey, what’s the worst that could happen? 

Ok, so maybe we could have fallen, but we didn’t, and after we had finished, we both were on such a buzz at doing the very best we could and will look at the next adventure with ease and grace.

I called todays post ‘ Feel the fear (and do it anyway)’ This was a book that I always remember being on the bookshelf as a child. I guess I may have picked it up from time to time, and later in life I remember reading it. I will always remember it as being the first ‘self help’ book I picked up and even just the title is great theme to have in your head… I would love to hear your story of ‘feeling the fear’ no matter how hardcore or not it is. We take life one step at a time, and it’d be fab to share our journeys together.

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