utthita trikoṇāsana

utthita trikoṇāsana Let’s explore  UTTHITA TRIKOṆĀSANA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41y_j4bBOik As ever you will know your body and what you can and can’t do… NO FORCE AND NO JUDGEMENT ..   Please only practice along if you feel ok to do so. As with any physical activity, the risk of injury is always present and cannot be entirely… Continue reading utthita trikoṇāsana


https://youtu.be/WqRhBN72bY0 HELLO WMVNC! I would love to come back and share the bliss of Yoga at the centre. If you’d like to have your say on timings that would best suit you, scroll down to the survey at the bottom of this page.. Meanwhile enjoy an online yoga practice (below) until we can practice in… Continue reading yoga-WMVNC


Move the body, move the mind and meditate!In todays practice we are looking at ways to prepare the body and the mind for meditation. A little different from our usual yoga asana practice. I invite you to join me as we journey along together.. You might like to gather up some props:-Yoga mat, rug, blanket… Continue reading Yoga-Eastwood


As we are in our lockdown here in Adelaide and are unable to practice at the Eastwood Community Centre together, I would love to share some space and time in yoga asana practice with you from my home to yours.  Enjoy this yoga practice (as if we are together) and do let me know if you have… Continue reading Yoga-Burnside